kids don't eat

  1. My active, glowingly healthly nephews(5&7) spent 6 hours at my house celebrating the 4th. In that entire time they each ate part of a sandwhich, one brownie and some watermellon, drank lemonade and water. How do they get by on so little food? They bounce around like they got springs in their butts. My sister refuses to force food on them saying they will eat when they want to.
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    Sounds like your sister is right. I'd be concerned if they were filling up on brownies and nothing else, but it sounds like they got a nice little selection.

    They're obviously getting what they need - you said that they are glowingly healthy. Can't go better than that, can we?


  4. by   BadBird
    My son used to eat a little, now he is 6'4 220 lbs. Don't worry they will eat when the mood hits.
    I wouldn't worry about it. I find my son (he's 7) eats less when it's hot. He makes up for it other times.

    I just always make sure he gets plenty of fluids, and we always end the day with a Flintstones!

  6. by   LasVegasRN
    I could only wish that I had my daughter's eating habits.
  7. by   live4today maybe there's only an ounce of truth in my above comment.

    My three kids all ate differently, and today they still eat the way they did when they were growing up. One half-way decent eater, one very picky eater, and one that eats very healthy. Those little darlings will eat when they are'er a parent should worry about that fact.

    I've got to brag a little before I go.......I just got some pictures in the mail today from my youngest daughter, and I've got to post the link here so you guys can see my two youngest grandbabies sitting side by side on my oldest daughters living room floor. The picture was taken during my youngest daughters visit to her oldest sister's home a few weeks ago. The boy is on the left (he's almost seven months old) and the girl is on the right (she's 16 months old). :kiss
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  8. by   Furball
    My son has always had a HUGE appetite and a wiry frame... height at least 95 percentile and sometimes off the charts...weight usually at 50 -70 percentile his pediatrician recommended high cal shakes. I didn't agree so didn't stuff him with the shakes. Today he is a perfect 9 year old 5 foot even at 90 lbs. all muscle.

    Leave those healthy kids alone!!

    Cheerful, your children are absolutely darling!!
  9. by   live4today
    Why thank you DAH - LIN Furball! Just braggin' as only a proud Gramma would! :kiss
  10. by   sunnygirl272
    they ar ebeautiful!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   subec
    My 2 year old nephew is already 38" tall and weighs 35 pounds. He is absolutely the pickiest eater I have ever come across, but he is very healthy.

    I agree---when they are hungry, they will eat.

    My nephew drinks about a quart of organic whole milk every day, and the pediatrician keeps telling my sister that she has a perfectly healthy "4" year old.

    I have been told that at this age they are self-regulating, so we don't worry about him too much. He does eat some vegetables, and he LOVES meatloaf. He eats when he is hungry!!!

    Hey cheerfuldoer---your babies are gorgeous!!
  12. by   live4today
    Gracias...Gracias...subec...Gracias! :blushkiss
  13. by   sandstormsdust
    Cheerfuldur - nice little guys you have there...

    Kids as a rule of thumb never eat the way you want them to...

    BUt Kids that are given a choice here and there will always eat more then those who are forced....
  14. by   live4today

    Also...finger foods work really well for those fidgety little ones under age six who can't seem to sit still long enough to eat. Cut up some veggies, weenies, turkey dogs, cheese, peeled apples, orange slices, cracker sticks, the cheese fish crackers (the ones my eight year old grandson refused to share with anybody but me when he was a toddler :chuckle)....also, let them snack on chicken nuggets, tator tots, give them yogurt in the tiny cups, jello in a tiny cup, other fruits, keep popcorn popped on the table for an afternoon snack for those old enough to handle the popped kernals in their mouth... There's tons of things moms can serve this way to keep a busy hyper don't want to eat now kid's nutrition status in the clear.