Kids breaking your favorite things

  1. This morning while I was washing the kitchen floor, I hear a smash on the floor behind me. I look and there on the floor was my favorite little knick- knack. It hung on the wall, was just a white window with a window box with cute little flowers on it. It was all hand painted and I picked it up at a craft fair about 15 years ago.
    There standing sheepishly is the kid looking guilty. I got mad and said how did this happen when you're suppose to be in the living room? The story goes that while standing on the back of the couch, trying to jump as high as you can, a hand accidentally "bumped" it.

    I know it's just a silly piece and I'm glad no one was hurt, but I really liked that thing.

    Has any of you had your kid break something that meant something to you?

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  3. by   memphispanda
    My son broke a snow globe that one of my students had given me. he was only about 5 at the time, and we were getting ready for Christmas. He was very excited and managed to drop it over the stair railing... I was SO upset, but he really didn't mean to do it. I was ready to yell at him, but when I saw the look on his face I managed not to.
  4. by   Jenny P
    Yes, Shygirl, my kids have broken several of my favorite "knick-knacks." But I remember breaking something that was someone else's favorite thing when I was young; and I realize that my "things" are just that -- THINGS. The child is human, and a child remembers when someTHING is more important in another person's mind than that child is. THINGS can always be replaced; people can't.

    As I age, I find that I break many things myself, and so does my husband. But I don't ever want to be the cause of a broken spirit.

    It does hurt to have a favorite thing broken; but you can probably find something else to replace it.
  5. by   Little One2
    It is hard when someone breaks something of value. It is not a good feeling. Just remember it is only a thing that can be replaced.
  6. by   CountrifiedRN
    All the time. It seems the more I like it, the faster it gets broken. I got a George Foreman grill for christmas (had wanted one for a long time) and today my daughter was looking for something in the back of a cabinet and dropped a large can of refried beans on it, cracked the outside of it. I know it was an accident, but still......I only got to use it a few times.

    I guess the thing I miss the most was a little ceramic bell that I had since I was about 10. I thought it would be safe in my room on my dresser, but the kids decided to have a pillow fight one day while I was at school, and there it went.

    And the guilty parties are my teens, I still have a two year old to contend with.
  7. by   susanmary
    Kids break things -- so do adults. People (and their feelings) are far more important than possessions.
  8. by   PennyLane
    I broke the tip of the spout off a china teapot that was my great aunt's. My mom got most of her things after she died last year. She had all her stuff laid out on the dining room table (great aunt was a Mennonite Missionary before becoming all new-age and so had a ton of cool stuff from India, Africa, and Indian reservations out West). Anyway, she, my sister, and I were all looking at her things, and I picked up something else and clipped the tip of the spout. It has matching cups and everything. I felt sooooo bad.

  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    many, many times. i got over it cause i don't take it with me when i die. and the things that are THAT meaningful, I have learned to put away out of their reach til they grow up. like susan said, kids do stupid things. so do adults. 25, 50, 100 years from now, this event won't have any significance anyhow. i am sorry about your nicknack. i know how that feels. hence, i have put up such things out of their reach. hopefully an earthquake won't do more damage than my kids will!
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    Yeah, it's happened. If it's due to stupidity or recklessness, then I may get mad. But if it's a genuine acident, I'm usually pretty cool.

    They're just things. If it meant anything to me I should have put it where it was safe. One of those things you sacrifice when you're a parent. My home is far from kid-proffed. But the things that are near and dear are put away.

  11. by   Stargazer
    I'm sure I broke or--ahem--devalued many of my parents' belongings when I was little. Thus giving rise to the infamous rhetorical question:

    "Can't we ever have anything nice?"
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Originally posted by Stargazer
    "Can't we ever have anything nice?"
    when you have kids, not in REACH ya can't.....ya just deal with it. or choose to remain childless. grow up like I did.... I remember growing in in a museum of a house....antiques, expensive breakable stuff all over. And my mom cleaning, dusting, what-not EVERY FREAKING day. And Goodness help us if we BROKE any of it...hell to pay. She still has all my grandmother's and greatgrandmother's things stashed prettily all over and stuffing closets. think she would hand down ONE thing? HA! Oh well, like they said above, it's just stuff. Kids are not.
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  13. by   deespoohbear
    I agree with Heather. If the boys are goofing off and trying to play football or wrestle in the house and something gets broke it is very aggravating.... If it truly is an accident, I try not to get upset, but it can be difficult to hold your tongue...I had a carnival glass bowl that belonged to my maternal grandmother...I adored that thing since I was a little girl...Mom gave it to me several years ago...It was setting on top of the computer desk and my 11 year old was using the computer...he pushed the keyboard thing back under and the bowl "skipped" across the desk and right on the floor. I was upset, but I didn't say anything to my son. It was truly an accident. Actually my Mom was more upset than I was over the accident. I can get another bowl like it in an antique store or Ebay, but I doubt if I can get another son...
  14. by   CashewLPN
    um.... 2 words...

    Krazy Glue.