Kids and summer jobs

  1. Well, school is almost out and time for your teen to be out looking for a summer job. My daughter will once again be working with the YCC - Youth Conservation Corp.
    This year she will be running fence line, maintaining trails and campground maintinance.
    Last year she was documenting petroglyphs on the rez.
    When I was younger I, too, worked for the YACC (Young Adult Conservation Corp). An excellant program for kids!
    What job does your kid hope to get this summer or what job have they already landed?
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  3. by   aimeee
    My daughter is not quite old enough for a summer job, other than baby sitting, but when she turns 14 she wants to apply for a job as a library page. Unfortunately the library in OUR town, which would be convenient, requires age 16.

    Those are really cool jobs that your daughter has done!
  4. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    My 12 yo is going to earn money this summer by weed-eating for my cousin who has a mowing business. He did this last year too and made a good amount of money.
  5. by   karenG
    my son would love a job for the summer- but hasnt managed to find one yet! hes going to keep looking, and I'll keep funding him!

  6. by   boggle
    Jobs for unskilled, high school kids are few and far between here in Michigan. My kids have been looking for weeks. Filled out lots of applications, but only had one call back. That didn't work out as thay didn't want a kid that would be going back to school in the fall.

    I read about a Krispy Kreme place being built in Flint that advertised they would begin taking applications this past week. On the first day over 1000 applications were made ( for less than 200 jobs available). Of course it was Krispy Kreme.......
  7. by   cwazycwissyRN
    My 11 year old son wanted a lawn mower for Christmas so he could earn money this summer. You bet he got one! He has to buy his own bag for it though.