Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow duet

  1. Has anyone else heard this song, "Picture". It has a real bluegrass sound to it. I can't get it out of my head -- it's fantastic.

    I've only heard it a handful of times and cand find it to download. Does anybody know where I can find it?

    Who knew he could sing so well? Now if only he could lose the blond and cut his hair.....
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  3. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    I also LOVE this song!! I downloaded it from Wish they would play it more on the radio though.
  4. by   rncountry
    Gotta listen to country stations to hear it much. I really like the song as well. Never in my wildest imagination would I think I would like something that kid rock did. Downloaded off Kazaa too. Still miss napster though.
  5. by   CC NRSE

    i have a good version of the song. i down loaded it from let me know if you have or download that program and you can get it from me. my user name on there is
    heartnrse 2398
    Coooool.... I love SHeryl Crow. She's my twin sister, ya know?

    I've never heard it, but I'll have to give it a listen today!

  7. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I couldn't believe it when I was listening to a "hot mix" station and heard this! I really like the song, but I really thought my station had somehow gotten switched to country!!! Great sound tho.
  8. by   hapeewendy
    I havent heard it yet ,not a huge kid rock fan myself but I trust your judgement adrie
    and LOVING that avatar of yours
    where the wild things are was SO one of my fave childhood books.....
    nevermind was, still is haha
  9. by   Beach_RN
    I love that song!!!!!! I also didn't know he could sing that well!

    It's a kewl driving song!
  10. by   NurseDianne
    LOVE IT...I was so shocked when I heard who was singing.......but never knows........ the new hair style heather....
  11. by   J-RN student
    I love this song too!
  12. by   Just Angi
    I LOVE THAT SONG!!!! Just makes ya feel GOOD!
  13. by   Ortho_RN
    The song is on Kid Rocks CD "Kocky"....

    Great Song..
  14. by   Lausana
    Originally posted by nurs2b
    The song is on Kid Rocks CD "Kocky"....
    I was so bummed it was on Kid Rock's CD instead of hers! Oh well, the song's great anyway!