Kewl nu idea for Allnurse Unity ;)

  1. I just, well, not just came to me yesterday, got this idea to bond us all togther, well sort of, if it doesn't i really don't care, still think it's a kewl idea: Smbody (me) will write a song and record it inot mp3 format, sombody else will come and add to it, than another and another..... like this, i lay down a guitar track, somboduy can lay down a drum, bass, opiano, violen, lute, djembe, whatever track and so on and so on. I'll use a professional program called Proaudio 9 buy cakewalk, and i'll give a link to d/l it or i'll snail mail a copy on cd to whomever wants to do this (i dopn't think i can legally send software to a foreign country so you would have to d/l it) I think it would e cool to get everyone's twist on a tune, especially if it has foreign influnces? what'e everyone think? i'll work on it htis weekend
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  3. by   misti_z
    I think that is a really cool idea. Wish I could contribute, but I wasn't blessed with an musical ability--well except listening
  4. by   CEN35
    sounds like a good plan!