Kerry slams Bush over body armor for troops

  1. The weekend news had several stories on how Kerry faulted Bush for sending our troops to Iraq without adequate supplies of body armor.

    I feel that this was reprehensible, where ever our troops go they should have all the protection that is available.

    Why did these troops get sent without proper protection? Because the appropriation for funds for the Iraq war was voted down by the politicians.

    How did Kerry, who was bashing Bush, vote on he appropriation? He voted no.

    So, he voted no for a bill that would have provided funding for the body armor, yet blames Bush for the lack of the body armor. Someone explain this to me!!

    RNC Chairman Marc Racicot confirmed the Kerry vote against body armor, telling ABC's "This Week" that the funding bill "did everything from provide hazard pay for our troops in Iraq to body armor for our troops in Iraq."

    Mr. Kerry said Mr. Bush has failed to properly fund the military, including sending troops to patrol Iraq in unarmored Humvees and without proper body armor.
    "Families across America have had to collect funds from their neighbors to buy body armor for their loved ones in uniform because George Bush failed to provide it," Mr. Kerry said.
    But Republican senators drafted by the Bush campaign to respond said those supplies have now been purchased. They also said that Mr. Kerry in fact voted against the exact legislation, the $87 billion emergency spending bill last fall, that funded those needs.

    Just something to feeling is to trust nothing either one of them says.

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  3. by   jnette
    Bob, while this is disconcerting, I can't help but wonder if it was the whole $87 billion he was voting against. Perhaps since the hazard duty pay, and the body armour were all inlcuded in the bill, he had no way of separating these two from all the other nonsense he DIDN'T agree with in this 87 billion package.

    I hate when you can't vote on just a single issue by itself... seems like it's always all or nothing. :stone