Kerry On Workers Legislation

  1. Note - Kerry doesn't want to put a stop to sending American jobs overseas, he just wants to give workers three months notice before hand. There so little difference between democrats and republicans, you can no longer tell the difference. I would say the title of this article is very misleading. He doesn't want to aid them, he just wants to warn them.

    Kerry Proposes Legislation to Aid Workers
    Feb 25, 9:53 PM (ET)

    TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - Presidential hopeful John Kerry said Wednesday he would require companies to give their employees a three-month warning before sending their jobs abroad, blaming President Bush for job losses in an appeal to displaced workers in the Democratic battleground state of Ohio.

    "I won't come here and tell you that if I'm president all of Ohio's factories will spring back to life, that all the rivers of steel will flow again," Kerry said in a speech at the University of Toledo. "You wouldn't believe me if I did, and you'd be right."

    The Massachusetts senator said he will require companies that ship jobs offshore to tell the Labor Department and the workers when, where and why the jobs are moving.

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