Kerik Is Said To Be Indicted On Corruption And Tax Counts

  1. Kerik Is Said To Be Indicted On Corruption And Tax Counts

    NEW YORK, Nov. 8 -- Former New York police commissioner Bernard B. Kerik was indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury investigating him for corruption and tax evasion during his years as a close adviser to Rudolph W. Giuliani and for lying on an application to serve as President Bush's director of homeland security, according to a Justice Department official....

    ...Giuliani selected Kerik, his former driver and bodyguard, as corrections commissioner in 1998 and police commissioner in 2000...

    ...The indictment came as the Senate prepared to confirm a longtime Giuliani friend and political ally, Michael B. Mukasey, as the next attorney general....
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  3. by   HM2VikingRN
    The stench of corruption surrounding the elephant party is revolting....
  4. by   Jolie
    Quote from HM2Viking
    The stench of corruption surrounding the elephant party is revolting....
    Quote from HM2Viking
    Here we go again instead of constructive discussions about the real problems facing this country we get a hit piece instead....

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    I couldn't have said it better myself!
  5. by   HM2VikingRN
    a comprehensive list of keriks shortcomings:

    mr. volz goes to washington (and narrowly avoids jail)
    by paul kiel - october 8, 2007, 10:09am
    [color=#aa0000]neil volz, who recently was [color=#aa0000]sentenced to probation for accepting bribes while a staffer with ex-rep. bob ney (r-oh) and giving bribes while working with jack abramoff, [color=#aa0000]explained to the columbus dispatch this weekend how it all fell apart. the short version: moral scruples are no match for sweet court-side tickets:

    rep. don young (r-ak): [color=#aa0000]$183,785
    so far, young has [color=#aa0000]spent $447,000 on the law firms akin gump strauss hauer & feld and tobin o'connor ewing & richard (the vast majority of which is spent on akin gump). he's [color=#aa0000]under investigation for his relationship with bill allen, former ceo of oil-services firm.

    rep. rick renzi (r-az): [color=#aa0000]$111,042
    renzi has paid around $148,000 to law firms patton boggs llp and steptoe & johnson llp (primarily on patton boggs). renzi remains [color=#aa0000]under investigation by the fbi for pushing legislation that would advantage political supporters and former business partners. his house was [color=#aa0000]raided by the fbi this past april. renzi has announced that he will not seek another term.

    rep. jerry lewis (r-ca): [color=#aa0000]$26,982
    lewis has spent over $987,000 on the law firms gibson, dunn & crutcher and williams & jensen. he is [color=#aa0000]being investigated for earmarks that he provided to campaign contributors, as well as his role in the duke cunningham scandal.
    rep. dennis hastert (r-il): [color=#aa0000]$17,627
    the former house speaker has spent $436,000 thus far on the law firm mckenna long & aldridge. he [color=#aa0000]was investigated by the house ethics committee for his role in preventing the foley scandal from coming to light.
    rep. john doolittle (r-ca): [color=#aa0000]$4,807
    since april of 2006, doolittle's campaign committee has spent $130,000 on the law firm wiley, rein & felding. he is [color=#aa0000]under investigation for his ties to jack abramoff. doolittle’s wife was sporadically employed by abramoff, and the fbi raided the couple’s virginia home, where her office was located. she continues to be paid for fundraising work, even as doolittle’s campaign account falters. this past quarter, she was [color=#aa0000]paid another $45,000 – and the campaign still owes her $31,471 with only $38,000 in total funds remaining.
    ex-rep. mark foley (r-fl): [color=#aa0000]$150,752
    foley has spent $843,000 thus far on the law firm zuckerman spaeder, llp. he was being investigated by the fbi and florida state authorities for inappropriate actions and communications last year involving his underage house pages, though recent reports have suggested that the florida investigation is "[color=#aa0000]almost done."

    this is not posted as a hit piece. rather it is a sampling of where my reaction to corruption came from.
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