1. Sorry it took so long to get back to you on your ER post. I was out of town for a few days, then back, and now am working 50 hrs in the next three days.

    Overall, I don't see any "Red flags" in that ad. The thing to remember is, they are making promises that they may not be able to keep. Such as which shift, or when you work, and/or charge/triage responsibilities. The bottom line is, if they have a high turn over rate, or even one similar to most other places, or even a couple call offs on one day, you could be thrown into one of those spots (i.e. triage, charge etc) Other than that it looks/sounds good

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  3. by   JennieBSN
    Rick....thanks, dahlin'!!!!!

    BTW....hang in there for those 50 crappy hours!!! I will have a stiff drink in your honor at the end of the week...

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  4. by   niteowl
    kday, whasup girl? Your posts here are hilarious. I can picture you talking all that jazz now. Rock on!!!
    P.S. Have you seen my baseball?
    Guess who????
  5. by   CEN35
    ok there are two niteowls now........spelling is different........the original is mich... who is this one?
  6. by   niteowl
    Are there 2 niteowls? I didn't know that when I joined. Sorry, how do I change? I am Kim.
  7. by   JennieBSN

    Holy crap!!! I clicked on your profile when you said you were an L&D nurse in NC, and LO AND BEHOLD, found the 'KDAY!' post.

    You MUST go to the OB nursing section...I'm getting ready to throw down over some float stuff there . You KNOW how I feel about FLOATING. The illustrious doctor in my story was none other than "BOK CHOI." Lol!!

    Catch you later, woman....
  8. by   CEN35
    hey now.........as i said the spellings different for the nightowl/niteowl.......i know your kim now, and the other is mich........now kim......go to the introduce yourself section of off-topic.........i think it says newcomers