Katrina Hospital Workers on Network TV

  1. Supposed to air this week. Does anyone know which network, program, and time? Don't want to miss it. Been searching... Supposed to be about the hospital staff action during Katrina and aftermath... Thanks in advance..

    Heard the commercial while snoozing just now... NBC Friday... couldn't make out the time

    Time is 8pm EST on Dateline
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Is is scheduled for this coming Friday the 25th? If so, I'll try to watch it.

    It's so hard for me to believe that Hurricane Katrina occurred one year ago. That one year has passed by amazingly fast. The heartbreaking images on television seemed like yesterday.
  4. by   Cerebrum
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    yes it is, 25 august... i'll be watching...

  5. by   Cerebrum
    it'll be on in one hour est!
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    [font="lucida console"]tick tock!
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    It was alright... been nice if they had more of a nurses perspective/input not to take anything away from other staff...

    time to cook some spaghetti I guess...

    "Train to Save"