Just Wondering.......

  1. ........is it just me, or is anyone else out there re-living 9/11 an awful lot lately?

    Maybe it's the fact that this upcoming September 11 is the fifth anniversary of the disaster. Maybe it's the fact that we're being inundated with trailers for theatrical films, as well as endless documentaries on the educational channels. But whatever the reason, ever since seeing "World Trade Center" last weekend, I've watched everything about 9/11 that I could find.........and my husband and sons are also similarly affected. In fact, A&E is devoting four hours to 9/11 tonight---starting with the made-for-TV movie "Flight 93"---and guess where the four of us will be??

    Now, the fact that I live three thousand miles away from where the attacks occurred and did not know a single soul who was killed or injured that day, has nothing to do with the way I felt then, or now. It didn't matter; on September 11, 2001, all Americans were kin, and I was never more proud of my country than I was on that day, and in the days and weeks that followed. And while I was---and continue to be---enormously disappointed in the government for switching its focus away from the perpetrators of the disaster, I still feel a swell of pride whenever I'm reminded of the great and benevolent America that once was and could be again. (Although to be fair, it's still the best place on Earth even with the current 'gummint'. )

    So, what's with this sudden morbid fascination with the events and people of 9/11? Is anyone else experiencing something like it? Surely my guys and I are not the only folks so strangely afflicted...........
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  3. by   jnette
    I don't know, Marla... it's been on my mind here lately, for sure. But not to the degree which you describe. Perhaps watching the movie of that day brought it so much into your consciousness?

    And perhaps the very reason why I choose not to see it. Not yet. Not for a loooooooooooong while yet.

    As for me.. I'm more concerned about the upcoming Aug. 22 nd. Has religious significance in the region of conflict. Also the day that Iran gives us their version of an "answer" to the nuclear proposal.

    Can't help but wonder just what that "answer" will consist of.. given the day it is to be presented. I don't trust Iran. And this worries me.
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    I hear you, jnette.........I don't trust Iran any further than I could throw 'em!

    Sometimes I think what the Islamists did on 9/11 was fire the first shot of World War III........certainly nothing that's happened since then has convinced me otherwise.
  5. by   Logan

    If I may.

    Leaving the politics of that horrenderous day and the politics that followed aside...

    What happened on 9/11 was a tragedy.
    But no less a tragedy - than say 4/19/95 (OKC bombing)

    I'm not entierly sure I "buy" into all that 9/11 is being portrayed as - from both the traditional "left" and "right".

    I don't dwell on it everyday. But I dwell on it enough.
    It doesn't hold me prisoner. But I acknowledge it's effects everyday since.

    I used to know a guy who wouldn't leave his house for a good week during the time 9/11 rolled around - he was a swarthy gentleman and was often mistaken for an arab (with the ensuing aggravation).

    I won't compare this war to the earstwhile global wars - to me, there is little similarity and no basis.

    9/11 wasn't the "day that America changed" - to declare it such is to ignore the other significant catastrophies and disasters that have struck America.
    And yet, 9/11 isn't just another day or *shudder* 'another disaster'.

    But I do know this - I haven't lived very long, but I can't think of another day, when all the world pulled together to offer condolences to a wounded nation and condemn the perpetrators in the aftermath of a tragedy.

    I hope this post made sense...

  6. by   dianah
    And, it wasn't only America and Americans that were affected. There were many from other countries in the World Trade Center buildings at the time of the attack and subsequent collapse.

    I think, Marla, it's the release of the two big-screen movies, plus the approach of the anniversary of that sad, sad day, plus the five-year anni. factor, all of which you've mentioned.

    I don't wish to re-live that; bless those who are closely tied to the disturbing and tragic events of that day. It's good for our children to know about this in its awful-ness.