Just venting.....a sad story

  1. Almost all of our cats and dogs have been abandoned, and usually found in our front yard.

    Over the last year or so, my hb has spent a lot of time trying to socialize two cats. We planned to bring them in when they were ready, as we do have two inside cats. One is feral, has a clipped R ear, which means he has been neutered. He was a scrawny stray, now he has grown into a big cat. My hb can pet him, but not hold him at this point. He usually hangs around our house, but sometimes disappears for a day or so.

    The other cat was born in the yard of the house next door, to a feral mother. The owner of the house was able to place most of the kittens, this female he had spayed but left her outside. When he moved house, he left the cat. With a lot of patience, my hb was able to pick her up and pet her. The two cats got on well together, and we always fed them and any other hungry cat that came by. About a month ago, she disappeared.......and now we know what happened. She was live-trapped by a neighbor a few doors down.......AND DUMPED. He told another neighbour he relocated her. Another cat, which had a collar on, from the house behind his, disappeared around the same time.

    We've been checking the pound, and put signs around the neighborhood with a photo of her. Nothing we can do about her, now. He knew we were feeding these two cats, but didn't say a word to us. He told my hb a few months ago he would get rid of her if she climbed his trees. It is legal to trap cats in your yard.

    The plan is to bring the male in ASAP, luckily he is well fed but very skittish, and probably harder to trap. We don't know how he'll do inside......we do have a fenced-in patio, our cats can go in and out through a pet door, but not to the wide world outside.

    It is so frustrating to have got Polly so close to coming in, to lose her like that. She was a very special female...an orange and white polydactyl. Shadow was not of the same litter, but had to be related, as he is also an orange and white poly.

    I don't understand how anyone could dump animals!
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  3. by   jnette
    So sorry, Mimi... I can hear the pain in your writing. I agree that it is so hard to comprehend the lack of empathy for innocent animals. I hope you find your female, but if not, just know that what you are doing for all the others is a great and kind thing... one less Polly who is mistreated.

    Here's to all God's creatures, great and small !
  4. by   Jay-Jay
    Mimi, so sorry to hear this!

    We had a very similar thing happen here. We bottle raised a litter of kittens from a feral mom, kept 2 and gave one to a friend. We were away for the weekend, and the girl who was supposed to be cat-sitting left them outside all night. When we got home, they were gone. We looked everywhere, put up posters, called the Humane societies, no trace. We later found out the neighbour 2 doors down was live-trapping the feral cats in the area, and shipping them off to the pound. He KNEW ours were NOT wild, so he made sure they disappeared PERMANENTLY. God only knows what happened to them....

    How can people be so cruel??
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi Mimi . . .

    Sorry to hear about your cat. Last week my son found a dog in the woods while he was cutting firewood, almost dead. He brought him home and fed and watered him back to health. He is one of those "bear dogs" . .kind of a hound, complete with the howl. We have tracked down his owner, who wants nothing to do with him. So fortunately we have a couple of offers for him. We call him "Little Bear" and he is very cute, gangly, friendly.

  6. by   suzannasue
    I am greatly saddened by your story...as a pet owner , I cannot explain those humans who cannot see OUR responsibility to the critters...for many years, I believe the animals have told one another that there is a woman around who will feed, water them...thus my home has become a flop house for indigent, starving animals...someone even dropped off the most beautiful golden retiever...she was very old and had a problem with stress incontinence...when I would come home from work, she would get very excited and would urinate all over the place...I had no problem with that...I am an old woman too and I understood...
    Had 2 puppies dropped off one day...took them to the vet...unfortunately, one died from parvo, the other I gave to a dear friend..he became her best friend and was an efficient guard dog even though he had no formal training...
    I am completely disgusted with ppl who cannot understand that WE are responsible for the animals...they cannot work or go to the grocers for food and they cannot turn the spigot for water...anyone who would trap an animal they knew belonged to a neighbor should have charges pressed against them for theft !!!
    Around here, there is no program for the spaying/neutering of feral cats...they are just euthanized after 3 days...the vets around here are so greedy they charge an enormous amount of money for spaying/neutering...
    I am so sorry you are in pain and are so hurt by the crassness of your neighbors...their stupidity is exceeded only by their ignorance...
  7. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Oh, this is heart-breaking. What is wrong with people? I have six cats. All neutered and vaccinated.

    I did not know that people actually set traps for cats!

    What jerks!

    You have my understanding and sympathy as a fellow animal lover.
  8. by   SmallTexan
    Empathy here too .

    I aquired MANY cats through dumping as well as just plain ferals. The ferals (i have 2) will simply never be "normal pets" but they have tamed down quite a bit but only come around for feedings.

    People do it all the time. Yesterday at PETCO i overheard a man telling someone his friend had just dumped off a dog at a busy freeway. People have no respect for life and it really upsets me.
  9. by   RN2007
    Hi all. I am very much a cat lover myself and since I am soon to start taking Anatomy and Physiology prerequisites for nursing program, I am pretty concerned that my instructor will have me use dead cats, pigs, rats, etc. as the specimen that they dissect and study during the class. The reason I say this and bring this up is because I read this on another thread that using cats is very common, and that just petrifies me!! I know they are dead, but the thought of my cutting into these animals, and must I go on here to explain.... oh my god... The stories that some of the students told about this type thing grossed me out and makes me upset. And, I wonder where these animals came from originally to begin with? We have all heard true stories of people who got paid for picking up animals that were sold for "research purposes", - this is disgusting!! I just hope that any and all animals ever used in these labs were already deceased and did not die at the hands of a research company that made profit by euthanizing animals, preserving their little bodies and then selling them to colleges so that students could learn from them.

    I was wondering if it would be best for me to take these A&P classes with lab online since my college offers both courses online as well, and maybe it would not be as hard on me psychologically if I did not have to sit in class and actually dissect the animals. I know that I still will have to see the graphic pictures but at least I would not have to smell the fumes, and hopefully it would seem less real! Gosh, how hypocritical that sounds - ouch!! I wish I could learn A&P another way.... I checked out some online courses today, and they seem every bit as thorough, but main thing is I would need to stay on top of the studying as if I was in class, which I doubt I will have a problem with. I hope I did not upset any of you talking about this, but it is of great concern to me. What do you all think?
  10. by   Nurse Ratched
    Worst we used was frogs. In physio, we removed the leg with nerves intact and shocked the nerve repeatedly to demonstrate muscle fatigue. No mammals. I'm pretty sure the concept could have been demonstrated another way, tho.
  11. by   prmenrs
    There was another thread about dissecting in A&P classes, but I'll repeat what I said there: if you do a cat, it will probably bear NO resemblance to anything you've ever scratched behind the ears or heard purr in your life.

    I did a cat which I had to share w/a partner, it was the wierdest looking thing I ever saw. I also did a "freshly killed" mouse, from which I learned MUCH more than that bizarre cat.
  12. by   SmallTexan
    When I took AP first time around (in around 95) we DID dissect a cat. It was an orange cat who in the beginning looked very much like a typical house cat. Our eccentric prof. had us name it. We worked on the cat all semester. Near the end , didn't look much like a cat anymore. I DID ask the prof. where the cats came from. He said Mexico. He claimed they were raised there for that purpose

    Thank the Lord I'm taking A and P online this time around so maybe I can avoid that part.
  13. by   RN2007
    Small Texan, I PM you again.

    Well, I am definitely taking both A&P classes online now and will not chance this one!! I hate that they are doing this to our fluffies. This should not happen, regardless of where they get the cats from. My cats are meowing at me right now in protest, lol....

    And just how did the "freshly killed rat" get killed? Did they put the cat and the mouse in the same cage? Oh my....
  14. by   BadBird
    How awful for the animals to feel so abandoned and unloved. I will never understand how people can be so evil. When will people learn that having a pet is like a child, yours to love, nourish and adore until they or you die. Animal abuse stories really get under my skin.