Just testing to see if pic works!

  1. Just wanted to see if this works.
    If it does, here's a pic of my 2 danes.
    Riley is the black one and Katie is the Harlequin.
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  3. by   GPatty

    Here's Katie (Queen Kathryn)She's the white Harlequin.
    She 3 y/o. We recently picked her up as a rescue. Wonderful beautiful dog.....Wouldn't trade her for anything...nothing at all!
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  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Don't see any pics. Sorry
  5. by   GPatty
    This one is Riley playing with his kids....
    (Riley is 17 months old and weighs in at 129 pounds (as of this AM). He had to go to the doc today for his "male experience"..... Poor kid.

    and this one is Riley and our grandson, doing what they do best...torturing Grandma when she is trying to get things done in the morning.
    Who can make a bed with these two on it? :chuckle

  6. by   GPatty
    Hmmm....I could see them at first, now I have red x's. Wonder what's up with that?
    Ideas anyone?
  7. by   GPatty
    Let me know if the pics show or not. OK?
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    All i see are red X's.
  9. by   suzanne4
    No pictures seen by me. What size are you trying to post? Perhaps they are too large. Check your size before you do anything else.