Just letting them rip. . .

  1. Our hospital. . . probably like all of your hospitals. . . generates lots of waste paper. For patient confidentiality purposes we're ripping up old lab data papers, nursing "cheat sheet" papers, basically any paper that might contain a patient's name on it! What we need is a paper shredder!!! Manually ripping up paper can be so annoying. Of course there's always the risk of paper cuts! I'm getting tired of all of this rip, rip, rip. . .

    HIPPA. . . Yuck!

    How do you handle all of your unit generated waste paper??

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  3. by   gwenith
    We write on the wite bits!! No kidding!! We "recycle" anything we can - the rest does go in the shredder and knowing the cost cutting round here they probably use the output from the shredder to power the furnace!
  4. by   Ted
    Never heard of the expression "wite bites". . . .

    We do some "recycling too". A lot "waste paper" that doesn't have ANY patient information on it gets used again as nursing cheat-sheet notes . . . or even xeroxed again on the "back side" of the recycled paper! THIS can get confusing sometimes when one wonders which side is the side that was most recently re-xeroxed!

    AHHHHHHHH cost cutting measures!
  5. by   Ted
    Does anyone see. . .
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  6. by   gwenith
    wite bits - me and my typo's! Meant WHITE bits!

    I swear this is a true story!! Cross my heart

    When I was working in "staff development" we had a memo delivered on to each person in the department - each memo had a copy of a recent in house news alert and a copy of the policy on paper conservation. All in all every one of us got delivered 7 pages each single page photocopied - not back to back - requesting we cut down on paper usage

    Ahh! Bureaucrats! Gotta Luv them!
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Shredder . . .tearing them up means they can be retaped and private info can get out.

    Our local post office has a new note on the door regarding identity theft . . ."do not tear up your mail and throw it away because people can go through the garbarge and piece things back together and steal your identity".

    Guess identity theft is a big deal. Here is something that cheeses me in regards to privacy. . .my 18 year old wanted to join the Columbia House DVD and Music Club and so used my credit line to order, intending to tell me and pay me back. Well, I called Columbia House yesterday to cancel the account and asked why they took a credit card with a different name than my son. He has a different last name. Even if his last name was the same, it is not his card. They would NOT cancel the account. Said my son had to call. I think they are aiding and abetting stealing.

    Scary . . .someone can use your card and the fact that their name is different doesn't mean anything. You would think it would be a glaring red light. arrgghhh.

  8. by   gwenith
    Stevie - go to your bank - it is not in the bank's interest to allow this sort of thing. I had someone steal an old credit card statement and use it to run up a bill. The bank honored this and investigated. You can bet the band did not lose it was the company that did not perform the correct credit checks.
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    God bless HIPPA.

    Our health system now has a shredding company handle this task. Everything is placed into large grey locked box inwhich blue drawstring bag rests. Worker comes weekly replaces bag and takes info to truck, entered into shredder on truck and we get statement that info shredded.

    Intake generates 5000 + sheets per week of PHI.,
  10. by   Ted
    Screening the calls (thank you, Hippa, very much) is so unfun!


  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    We have shredding done FOR us similar to what karen says. SO GLAD cause ripping up paper is a major waste of time and energy. And yes, it's recycled, thankfully.
  12. by   BadBird
    I guess we could put on our resume a $34.00/hr paper shredder, LOL. We have a big bin and just throw the papers in there, some outside company is supposed to shred them (yeah right!!!).
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    We have a paper shredder in the nurse's station and we shred all documents outselves or have the ward clerk do it.

    Gwen . . I contacted the bank and they will reverse all the charges.

    My son is repaying me.

    I'm not gonna leave my credit card lying here by the computer anymore after ordering from Amazon.

    Still don't think you should accept a credit card from someone with a different name.

  14. by   Wolfpax
    Shredding all the Gov't papers... why the feds have so much paperwork for patients I'll never know but the feds do like to shred....
    Anyone interested in going into a party supply business???
    We'll start by selling confetti