Just gotta whine today.....

  1. Been off the BB for a while because Hubby managed to pour water in my new computer while watering plants and my 'puter is in the shop; but now yesterday I discovered that a resource library I'd been working on for 1 1/2 years for my unit (CV-ICU) was thrown out by one of the AHN's because she didn't check through the files when she was cleaning stuff out recently.

    I've been copying and cutting articles from some of the 8 different nursing journals I get and have put them in 2 file drawers, slowly replacing old, out-of-date stuff. I'd color-coded (using those neon 1" dots that are often used for garage sales) and dated the articles so that they could easily be pulled and tossed after 4 years.

    My mistake was that I didn't throw out all of the old stuff right away when I started this project: I thought old resource articles were better than no resource articles at all. She must have opened up the file cabinet, saw some of the old files and just started tossing them without opening any to see what was in them. I was told that "no one used them; they were out of date" and "they can do a lit search on the Internet for info!" :angryfire

    I'm angry and upset by this because I had put a lot of work into this project (the HN had asked for volunteers and I was the only one who volunteered) and had worked on it it whenever I had time at work. Once when we were overstaffed, I just worked on this project and was later told that this wasn't in our unit budget, so I just worked on it when I had a slow night. At least I hadn't come in on my days off to do it, so I wasn't out of my own personal time; just my own personal files and energy.

    Today I am upset because I haven't found some of these articles on the internet; I've tried Metacrawler and Google to look for a few today and I would have to pay for copies for some of them. I have used many of these articles when precepting or mentoring new people on our unit and will miss some of these articles because they made some of the more complicated info so easy to learn. One article in particular made the whole concepts of cardiac output, preload and afterload and inotropes really easy.

    If anyone can help me figure out how to find these particular articles, I would appreciate your input here.

    Thanks for "listening."
    Jenny P
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  3. by   aimeee
    How frustrating, Jenny! Did you have an index of the articles so you at least know the title and source of the ones you are trying to replace?

    Have you been suffering from allnurses withdrawal symptoms?
  4. by   Jenny P
    I wish I had an index of articles, Aimee, but I don't. I know which nursing journals I get, so will have to do the search that way I suppose.

    I am suffering from serious allnurses withdrawal, but the good news is that my hip is better so I am able to do other stuff besides sitting still. I am concerned about how long it will take to get my computer back from the shop, I guess water and computer innards don't mix well. And this was a new iMac I'd just bought on eBay in May! In the meantime, I'm trying to use my very old Mac that is slow and needs frequent reloading- it was made before cable modem (my son is now in school for computer programming-YAY!!!- and has my other iMac) because my luck with hubby's PC is very poor- I think it crashes everytime I even LOOK at it! Does anyone have much luck with Windows XP????? Why does it crash if I even come near it? Fear???
  5. by   aimeee
    XP? LOL! We're still running on Windows 95! Things go okay until I get to a site with all kinds of javascript this and that and Flash and all kinds of fancy stuff. Then its freeze up time for sure. It doesn't like AIM either. Nope, water and circuit boards don't mix, although its not as bad for them as coca-cola! Glad to hear the hip is better though!
  6. by   thisnurse
    maybe you should buy one of those underwater computers for next time he waters the plants...lol

    i would be sooooo mad about those files. our unit is like that too. all of our articles are outdated and the pt education pamphlets describing the various policies and procedures havent been updated in forever. seems like im the only one to notice/care.

    if i can help you find the articles you are looking for let me know and ill help you research. god knows i dont have anything else to do..hope to go back to work light duty next week. i hope i hope i hope