just a stupid vent!

  1. haven't been feeling good for around 2 weeks.....started in left sinus area, ear, started to feel like inner ear with mild vertigo and nausea.....gave it time to go away on it's own.....keeps getting worse...I keep working of course......now my whole left side of my head/face hurts, severe headache, L ear hurts, R ear starting to hurt, still nauseated and dizzy, the left side of my neck is painful, stiff,yadda yadda......methinks infection is brewing. Yesterday at 2:30 I call my doctor's office. Didn't realize the office hours changed since I'd last been there, and they now close at 2 on Wednesdays...so I couldn't make an appointment for today ahead of time. So I stay home today. Call the office at 8:35, they open at 8. Still have the after hours message on, so I wait and call back at 8:50, still have after hours message on. So I call at 9:10. Instead of getting a busy signal (annoying, but at least I could keep hitting redial) or being put on hold (also annoying, but at least I'd be on the line) I get a message saying to leave a message and they'd be right back to me. Ha! I leave my message saying what is wrong, and I want to come in to see the doctor or NP today please and to call me. I waited in good faith for a little over an hour, trusting they'd call. Finally, figuring they must just be busy, I call back, and asked if I could be seen. I am told they can see me at 10:30 tomorrow. I ask if that's all they have? And she asks where I live. Well, I live at least 20-25 minutes from the office.. She says well we have an opening that is in 5 minutes but you couldn't get here by then. *that* is what made me angry. That if I'd been able to get through earlier, even if I had to redial or be put on hold, or if the message had been checked and someone had called back, I *could* have gotten in. Now I can't. I mean, they had an opening. I could have gone in. But No. Not to mention they have that opening they wouldn't be able to fill! ha! So yeah I'm home, can still rest, etc (here on the couch, napping on and off between trips to the bathroom! haha) but I feel just miserable...I was hoping to get on some meds today (I've had this before, I usually get those big honkin' guafenisen (can't remember the dose) and nasocort, and an antibiotic if warranted), and maybe go back to work tomorrow. Now I'll have to stay home again to go to my appointment in the morning. I'll probably be there a while cuz they run so late all the time. I hate to miss 2 days in a row, there will be so much stuff left undone, esp if I miss a Friday, Monday morning will be a nightmare.......
    the kicker is, I really like my doctor, and despite this, and the fact that whenever I go I *always* wait at least an hour if not more.......I don't want to switch. She is really wonderful....listens to you, I mean really listens....spends time with you, goes to bat for you, doesn't blow off your concerns, etc. Her NP is great too. I didn't like the one she had before, but the one there now is great. The nurses are very good too, but the office staff....eh, so-so.

    ugh, I am just pissing and moaning. grousing. whining. don't feel well, and I get grumpy when I am not feeling well. pay me no mind, I just need to unload.
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  3. by   NurseShell
    I vote you complain about the staff. Most docs aren't aware of what is being done out front...when you tell them they are often shocked and immediately take care of it. ex: my g'ma's ortho didn't know that she had been "bumped"/"rescheduled" etc 3X and when he found out he was LIVID and there is a new lady at the desk now. The "old" one also incorrectly billed g'ma's surgery - overbilled to be exact...the doc fixed that error too! I complained about my OB's receptionist - she was down rigth NASTY to me on more than one occasions...she got fired. (i wasn't the only one complaining about her!!!! if everyone assumes someone else will complain and nobody does it...they will always be there pestering you)
  4. by   NurseShell
    DUH!! forgot to add - GET WELL SOON!! stupid me...I was so hot on baggin' on the office people (I used to be an "office person") I neglected the real reason for your "vent"...feel better soon!!
  5. by   sphinx
    thanks! Well, when I *do* get in to see her, I'll likely break down in tears anyway (my emotions always get the best of me) and will prob. take your advice at that point and complain. If I get the nerve. But you're right, nothing would change if I didn't, eh? Ugh. Yuck. Ugh.
  6. by   NursieRN
    So sorry your not feeling well, Sphinx!:kiss We'll fix ya right
    up here at the cyberclinic. I think we can squeeze ya in right
    now! Meds are on the house!!!
  7. by   Lausana
    To me someone should be reprimanded! After hours message on for an extra hour, then some recording? Someone should've been running the office for those 2 or 3 hours you were waiting. And being busy isn't an excuse, it's called multitasking.

    Anyway, hope you get some rest today :kiss ...and feel better quickly!
  8. by   sphinx
    ooo, thanks nursie, I bet ya have the *best* meds too!! heehee

    Maybe I'll give ya my doc's number and you can put in a good word......
  9. by   renerian
    My dr joined a new practice and their rule of thumb is wait for 45 minutes in the lobby and 15 in the room. I asked her why and she said they double book appointments. I told her it was unacceptable and asked her if she would wait and she said no. I have not waited since then.

  10. by   ThirdWorldGirl
    I have no problem complaining to my son's Dr. about his office staff or to them directly either. About a year ago I had called to get my son in because he was running high fever, was sure he was fixing to cough a lung up, and throwing up. We get to the office get him signed in, sit there for about 30 minutes, running to the bathroom so he can vomit every so often. (The waiting isn't what bothered me though I used to work for a busy physician office and know how that can be). Get back to see the Dr. get my son pretty much taken care of, go to the "payment desk" and I give this girl our superbill and listen to her talking to someone on her phone and literally begging this person to "give me a second chance can I please come over after work so we can talk about this?" on and on and on and on, my son is crumpled on the floor next to me, crying because he's sick, tired and just wants to go home. So finally I yell "CAN I PLEASE PAY MY BILL SO I CAN GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE?" The other people around were like "yeah can we pay so we can go?" and the office manager comes out and asks if there's a problem, I tell her "yeah there's a big problem, I need to pay so I can get out of here, and she's too busy talking to her lover about their problems". Never saw that girl again in the office.
  11. by   sphinx
    Lausana.....I was pretty cheesed about the after hours message too. I was wondering to myself if the changed their morning hours, and the message wasn't changed to reflect it or something, who knows! Even so, that's still not a good reason.....
    As for the other recording, that's the new thing they do.....instead of the busy signal, it's a recording, it first tells you if you have a medical emergency to dial zero or hang up and dial 911. Then it gives a spiel about leaving a message, yadda yadda, they'll get back to you, etc. Working in homecare, I've run into a couple other's doctor's office that do it this way too. Frankly, I'd rather have to hit redial or be on hold, then at least I know what's going on. Sitting here waiting for a call back just left me feeling powerless! I finally was so upset I had to call, I kept thinking "geez, it's gonna be too late", and sure enough, it was!

    As for being busy, I know what it's like to be busy...I am doing scheduling for our homecare agency right now, and man do I get busy in the morning...and I do *not* blow off people and leave them hanging! sheesh! Multitasking is right!!
  12. by   NursieRN
    Don't worry, Sphinx! Give me his number and I'll also let him
    know how much money he may be losing by missing appts that
    *could* have been! When he finds out that his office person
    was MIA he may send her to the cyberclinic too!!!
  13. by   sphinx
    Well, I admit I don't like going into the office and waiting. It's downright miserable when you feel rotten, or your kids do. But if I have to, I don't mind so much, I just take a book or something to keep me occupied. But problems with the office staff (like what you described, thirdworldgirl, wow, I'd be mad as hornets myself!)..and this stuff I ran into this morning (I had problems with my kid's ped's office recently too...)....now that just really ticks me off!!! It's a really good thing I'm not more seriously ill, but the secretarial staff are not medical staff (not at this office, anyway) and don't know......as it is, just in the few hours I have been up today, I feel worse, like it is spreading to the right side now.

    I have no idea if they double book....I do know that she is very popular, because she is very good at what she does. I think the problem is she books for a certain block of time, but ends up taking longer because of the time she spends with each and every patient, making the wait get longer and longer as the day goes on.

    Just frustrating, frustrating. It's time for my nap.
    Hope you feel better soon! Earaches suck.