Joyce Riley Von Kleist RN for President


    Joyce Riley Von Kleist RN for President
    Here you will find all the latest news articles on Joyce and her quest for the Showtime's Reality TV Show the "American Candidate"!!
    NEWS And Latest Articles:
    * Click here for Virginia Info --On Sunday, June 20, 2004, at 12:30 p.m., the Center for Politics will host the aspiring candidates, at Old Cabell Hall on the historic grounds of the University of Virginia. University Professor and Center for Politics Director Larry J. Sabato will co-moderate the debate, along with the American Candidate show host Montel Williams. On MONDAY June 21, candidates will be meeting with community organizations in the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County to garner support for their candidacy. The Center for Politics invites groups interested in meeting with the American Candidates to join us on Monday, June 21 for possible inclusion in the show.
    * June 19, 2004 Article from The Daily Herald -- Quote from article: "Hopefully "American Candidate" will be the wake-up call America needs to bring its political system back as the model for the world".
    * Friday, June 18, 2004 -- From the ArkCity News -- Riley survives first week of campaigning! Radio talk show host Joyce Riley has survived the first week and a half of campaigning for the Showtime reality TV series "American Candidate."
    * June 17, 2004 -- Allentown, PA. -- 'Candidate' reality show rolls into Valley -- New cable program is in Allentown today to film an episode. Eight people, each followed by a manager and a television crew, are trying to persuade Allentown area residents to call a number by 4 p.m. today and pick one of them to be president of the United States.
    * June 16, 2004 -- Montel, 'American Candidate' candidates visit Allentown. Read today's latest update.
    * June 13, 2004 -- Showtime's American Candidate Goes to Charlottesville -- University of Virginia Center for Politics to Host Political Reality Show.
    * Wednesday June 16 Happenings -- Allentown, PA. gets the vote from 'American Candidate' -- ''American Candidate,'' the political reality show that's searching for someone who could be President - but won't be - will be taping in Allentown Wednesday, including at the Federal Grill. Montel Williams will be at Allentown's Calo Building at 97 N. Front St. for an 11 a.m. Wednesday news conference featuring show finalists, show spokeswoman Lenna Lebovich says. The public is invited to attend.
    Federal Grill owner Iris Konia says show segments will be taped in the upstairs dining room of her 536 Hamilton St. restaurant. It is her understanding that the candidates will gather there to relax and discuss how their campaigns are going, she says.
    * June 13, 2004 -- The Power Hour needs your immediate help! Talk Host Joyce Riley is in a finalist round for "American Candidate"...need NH area folks to call SUNDAY ONLY to vote for Joyce! ( a big "thanks" to all that phoned in )
    * June 13, 2004 -- Reality Politics: TV looks for 'American Candidate' -- When Showtime television network producers were looking for a location to stage a political rally for their new reality show "American Candidate," they immediately turned to the Granite State.
    * June 13, 2004 -- In reality, it's just a TV show -- Keene Mayor Michael E.J. Blastos was master of ceremonies. National talk-show host Montel Williams showed up, with a very large bodyguard. He asked for a moment of silence for President Reagan and our American soldiers overseas.
    * June 11, 2004 -- Keene Readies For Filming Of Reality TV Series -- Contestants Compete To Become Mock Candidate.
    * June 10, 2004 --More reading on "American Candidate" -- Showtime's political reality TV show "American Candidate" is making media waves this week as it begins production in Keene, N.H.
    * June 10, 2004 update --Twelve finalists from the Showtime network reality series "The American Candidate" arrived in New Hampshire yesterday to begin their trials by fire.
    * June 11, 2004 -- ArkCity News article -- Joyce Riley makes her quest to next round...but few people know for sure...
    * June 9, 2004 -- ArkCity News--America's candidate gets nod -- Joyce Riley, one of 10 people running nationwide for "American Candidate," a TV reality show, is on the road to New Hampshire.
    * June 8, 2004 -- ArkCity News --Reality television comes to Arkansas City -- Arkansas City native Joyce Riley, one of 12 people nationwide running for "American Candidate," a Showtime Channel reality show, will hold her kick-off campaign rally beginning at 6 p.m. today at the Agri-Business Building, 712 W. Washington Ave.
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    Thank You for all your support...EVERYONE!!!
    A BIG "THANK YOU" to all the great folks in New Hampshire who cast their vote in support of Joyce to help her advance to the next level of the "American Candidate" reality series.
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    This lady heads up the American Gulf War Veterans Association.

    Do you think she wins or loses credibility participating on this reality TV show?