Joke on ER

  1. I know I am asking for trouble for this, but thought I would forge ahead anyway. Once again ER took another opportunity to dump all over ER nurses. It was Abby & Luka's wedding, and yet the writers made sure to make the nurses out like desperate women who were all out for a hook-up so they wouldn't go home alone. And evidently Morris started a joke which defamed nurses. While these do tend to upset me, I still treat them a lot like the blond jokes that are told to me. I don't find them funny, but I still feel compelled to hear the joke.

    So, here goes, Morris started a "joke" towards Sam which started, "What's the difference between an ER nurse and a Porsche?" I know I am asking for trouble, but what is the rest of it?

    I AM NOT PROMOTING THE DEFAMATION OF OUR PROFESSION OR WOMEN. It's kinda like driving past a car accident, I know I don't need to look or want to look, but yet I have to. If you know the joke, let me know. This is purely for fun and curiousity, and nothing else.
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  3. by   jill48
    I caught that also and would also love to hear the punchline. By the way, it was a great episode! I don't want to give anything away for people who didn't see it yet, but OMG that ending! They usually give too much away in the previews, but I was actually quite surprised.
  4. by   kitty29
    I missed it...had started watching Greys and fell asleep cause that episode stunk...and missed ER!
  5. by   Hoozdo
    OK, I TIVOed that episode and just watched it tonight. I was curious to about the punch line so I googled it. The punch line is:

    "Not everyone has been in a Porsche"

    No wonder Morris did not say the punchline!