Job interview gone bad -what would you do?

  1. No one may want to respond to this post but I think just writing it will make me feel better.

    Last month I interviewed at a large Cosmetic procedures/surgery office. As soon as I arrived, I kept noticing and overhearing several of the nursing staff making comments about my weight. I am 5'2" and weigh 147lbs - so I could drop some pounds but I'm not obese. (And I'm not ugly). Anyway, during my interview with the head nurse, she said I could bring my "weight watchers" meals & keep them in the fridge. Real subtle. Of course I did not do well on this interview because I knew I would never work there! I saw at least one nurse who must have worn a size 14-16 say I was "a little chub." None of these nurses were strikingly beautiful. I left there feeling so low!

    The next day, I went on another interview & was hired immediately. I love my new job. I had just about forgotten that experience when I opened the mail to read a letter from the Cosmetic office stating that my "vast experience is impressive" and they did not need anyone with my "extensive medical expertise." I am a new graduate & had no nursing experience at the time. I could just picture them snickering as they sent it!

    I was thinking of writing a letter to the physicians who run the practice but if these are the people they employ, they are probably of similar personalities!
    What would you do? Ugh!
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    these people don't deserve any response from you. don't give them the satisfaction of knowing that they affected you in any way. think of it this way - they did you a huge favor. would you really want to work with a staff that thinks that kind of behavior is acceptable anyway? good riddance to them and good luck in your new job!!
  4. by   MollyJ
    Everything KC Chick said. Consider it a near miss.
  5. by   canoehead
    The hell with them. And BTW if their interview technique reflects their quality of care you may have saved yourself more than a weight loss hassle.
  6. by   hoolahan
    Since it is common practice to write and thank someone for the interview (at least if you really want the job,) this is what I would do...

    Dear Ms._________,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to interview at your facility. I have however decided to accept an offer which will best suit my vast experience, and allow me generous salary, vacation, and benefits.[even if not true, tee hee] I was actually considering not taking this offer, but after seeing your staff in action, I realized that I made the right decision. I have entirely too much integrity to work with a group of such immature and egotistical people. Now that I have been at my new position, I am even more grateful for the rude treatment I received while in your office, because I am blissfully happy with my new position.



    I know you should let it go, burning bridges and all that, but their behavior was so inexcusable. You may even want to embellish and make your new salary 1.5 to 2 x what they offered you. I'd make them think they really missed out on someone (you) good, and something (your new job) good. Maybe that is why they are so mean and miserable. Rub it in with a big smile in sickeningly sweet language on a beautiful card, heck, maybe even send them a big box of chocolates. At least they didn't BS you. If they had done this behind you back, you may not have taken the good job, so you should, in a way be greateful to them!
  7. by   sunny1973
    Thank you all. I feel a lot better getting that one off my chest! You are right - they did me a favor (however it's one I could have done without).

    I appreciate all your kind words & encouragement. And I LOVE the thank-you letter. I'm still thinking that one over!

    This Board is proving to be an effective support group! Bless you all!
  8. by   Enright
    You know, Sunny, there is just so much wrong with how you were treated! Thank God you got a better job...I just have a feeling the witches at "Rhinoplasty Inc" would have been unbearable.

    I'd recommend that you blow it off and shake their dust off your feet. They aren't worth another thought.
  9. by   Jenny P
    Enright, you are right that those people aren't worth it; but I love Hoolahan's idea even more! Those people were nasty, and I think the letter would be great, THEN don't give them another thought. It isn't worth your getting worked up about, but taking a dig back at them is fair game here I think.
  10. by   Zee_RN
    Oh, that makes me sick to my stomach! That people can be so mean-spirited. I don't believe I would be good-natured enough to let this go without a letter...

    Please be sure to include in your letter that you will be telling all your friends, family and acquiantances of the level of **courtesy** you were shown by the staff at this particular clinic so that they too can make wise decisions regarding their future cosmetic surgery needs--be sure to carbon-copy the director of the facility himself/herself. After all, nurses are also consumers and often the first person people ask about which physician to choose.

    Please let me know if these people are in my area (SW Pennsylvania) so I can personally hate them *grin*. Glad to hear it all worked for you though.
  11. by   Y2KRN

    I am a little late on this one I was on vacation, WHAT JERKS!!! That is one of the most appauling things I have ever heard. I am sooo glad that you found something to make you happy.

    Sounds to me like these people need some real help! You were probably a threat to them, because you are secure in yourself. Ugh that burns me up. Talk about dysfunction!!!!!

    I would not give them the benifit of a reply you are soo much better than that!!!!!!!! However, I must say Hoolohan's reply sounds pretty good!!!!!!!

    Jeez I am still burning!! Take care and thank god you found out before the possibility occured to have to work with these sickos!!!
  12. by   fiestynurse
    Dear Cosmetic Surgery Office,

    F--k off!

  13. by   KC CHICK
    ha!!!!! fiestynurse, you're killing me. lol.
  14. by   moonchild20002000 said it all........