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  1. Just wondering what you all think about the Rev. Jackson going to Afganistan? I think he should stay out of it. Let the pres and his staff handle this. There is no negotiating with these people. I feel for the missionaries that are imprisoned there, and I don't mean to sound cruel but they must know the risks when they go to those types of countries. Just my opinion, what's yours??
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  3. by   JennieBSN
    He's an idiot, a civil rights whore, and a publicity hound. He only wants to go to get his face in front of the camera. He's a laughing stock and needs to keep his nose out of it. Besides, HE invited HIMSELF to go 'negotiate' w/the Taliban, not the other way 'round.

    Even if it were someone deserving of respect, unlike the 'reverend,' I don't think anyone should try negotiating. You can't negotiate w/ terrorists and liars.
  4. by   KC CHICK
    If he goes over there, he should just stay there!!
  5. by   Zee_RN
    My ONLY worry if Jesse Jackson goes to Afghanistan is that he will get himself into a hostage situation and we will have to go in there and get him, creating a very nasty situation.

    Other than that, I could care less what Jesse does. He is a disgrace to all who are truly ministers with true reverence.

    It is beyond laughable to think the Taliban, who refuses negotiation of ANY kind, would invite or welcome this adulterous American "preacher."
  6. by   Q.
    I was calmly enjoying a Killian's Red last night and happened upon a TV that announced this RIDICULOUS notion. I, for one, am embarrased that Jesse Jackson would in any way represent our nation, even if it is to a bunch of backwards terrorists.

    There is NO negotiating with terrorists. None. And I feel that we, as a nation, should not negotiate in the least. Once we negotiate, then it leaves more wiggle-room for other things.

    If I were Bush, I would obviously let him go as that is his right, but I would tell him that if he became a hostage, don't expect a full out rescue mission by the military. But, we can always hope for the best! Maybe he'll just happen to be one of those "innocents" we are arguing about in another thread who "happens" to be caught in the cross-fire. Now that would definitely be an "oops, so sorry." Hee hee.
  7. by   essarge
    After I got done laughing at the thought that Jesse Jackson would even entertain the idea of going to Afghanistan to "negotiate", the thought that this man (who professes to be a Reverend) with total opposite beliefs from the Taliban could cause some real problems. Including, as several have stated, a hostage situation.

    I find this idea totally ludicrous and dangerous to the security of our country. The reason being that Jesse Jackson has absolutely NO IDEA what he is doing. His passport should be pulled immediately to preclude him from doing irreparable harm and possibly causing even more problems. If he wants to do anything then he should fight right here for the rights of Muslims and Middle Eastern born American citizens!!!!
  8. by   fergus51
    Originally posted by kday
    He's an idiot, a civil rights whore, and a publicity hound. He only wants to go to get his face in front of the camera. He's a laughing stock and needs to keep his nose out of it. .
    You summed it up perfectly!

    I thought George W said that he wasn't going to negotiate with the Taliban anyways, so I am confused as to why Jesse Jackson even tried to be the negotiator.
  9. by   kaycee
    I think if he goes over there and becomes a hostage, he's on his own. I don't think anyone will rescue him any time soon!! I also agree that he has absolutely no right to represent this country. He needs to resolve his own problems before he can help anyone else.
  10. by   Chellyse66
    I have to agree that Jackson should stay out of Afghanistan. I read an article about his meetings of Rainbow/PUSH (People United to Serve Humanity) directly after the Sept 11 tragic events, he was already posturing himself to jump right in and exacerbate a full fledged media circus event. He is untrustworthy, and greedy. He just finished his admission of adultery with one of his aides (Karen Stanford) and the "love child" he fathered, which I believe he has not paid child support on yet. What do you suppose he wants to use for negotiations on peace with the Taleban...? Hostage crisis, I see it coming...If he goes I agree without protection. He can go AMA...Against Military-Majority Advice!!!
    Here is an interesting article:

    Black Pastor Says Jesse Jackson Should Not Meet With Taliban

    By Chad Groening
    September 28, 2001

    (AgapePress) - One of his staunchest black critics says Jesse Jackson is not a man to be trusted, and should not go to Afghanistan to talk with the repressive Taliban.

    Jesse Lee Peterson is a conservative black preacher and founder of the Los Angeles-based Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny. He says the current war on terrorism is serious business, so this is not the time for self-serving photo-ops.

    According to Peterson, Jackson is not a true American, and does not even support our interests. "Jesse Jackson is in my opinion a communist, he's a socialist, he's not a true American, and if at all possible, President Bush should forbid him from getting in the way," he says. "Jesse Jackson is in favor of these people. He supports them. We have not heard him denounce the Taliban at all.

    Peterson says Jackson has consistently supported Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who has been behind numerous terrorist attacks against Israel. Peterson says the idea that Jackson wants to go and talk to supporters of terrorists is not a good sign.

    Peterson on Leadership
    The black pastor says it is hypocrisy that most African-American leaders support the liberal abortion agenda, even though it is destroying millions of minority babies. He thinks it is wrong for so many blacks to go along with the abortion industry, even though he says it was specifically created to eliminate minority children.

    "You don't see them out there protesting and making noise about that. They all know that abortion was started by Margaret Sanger, a true racist," he says. "Her whole intent was to wipe out the underclass, to wipe out black Americans. Yet, you don't see black Americans out there on the front lines protesting against that."
    Peterson says most abortion clinics are located in the inner city, and yet one doesn't hear complaints from black leaders.
  11. by   nurs4kids
    Actually, Suz, this morning on a radio talk show, I heard that it IS illegal for an average citizen to serve as a self appointed representative for wartime negotiations.

    I think he's an idiot.

    Bush's reply to him should be simple, "Well, Jesse, if the Taliban REALLY invited you as you say they did, then they have already proven themselves untrustworthy (by denying THEY invited HIM), so there's absolutely no reason for you to waste I mean, YOUR valuable time."

    He should be required to take the entire "coalition" with him if he goes. "...oops, was that Jackson's crew we just bombed???" :P
  12. by   Dplear
    Hey now..I think he ,The Most High and Mighty Reverend Jackson needs to go to Afghanistan and try to negotiate. Of course I believe that his plane arrive there about oh say about 3 hours before we start bombing the country and detstroy the airport there.....

    teach him to stay out of NATIONAL SECURITY affairs.
  13. by   Mijourney
    Hi. I do not revere any man or human institution, whether that be President Bush or Jesse Jackson.

    Neither Jesse Jackson nor any American civilian needs to be directly involved in this situation. I believe Jackson would be foolish to even think aloud about the possibility of meeting with the Taliban government. Don't forget we have eight westerners over in Afghanistan being held against their will. He doesn't even need to consider going over there for that cause. We do not need the Taliban or sly, cunning bin Laden, if he's involved, to have access to people like Mr. Jackson who could aid them in turning a terrible situation into shambles.
  14. by   rncountry
    First of all the man is not an elected official, and has no right to speak for the government, or even the citizens of this country. I know he sure as hell doesn't speak for me. Last night on the news they had that he was declining the invitation the Taliban sent him. The Taliban sent him an invitation to negotiate? Let me see it in writing first and then I would still think it is a hoax. He is a meglomanic and his sense of self worth inflated to monsterous proportions. Just because he worked with Martin Luther King Jr. does not make him from the same cloth. I also think though that the article quoted above is about as far out in left field as you can get once you get past the part about Jesse Jackson.
    If Mr. Jackson wishes to go to Afganistan, then let him go. As a normal American citizen where he can take his chances. Perhaps this is where he belongs, or have others forgot his remark about hymietown in regards to New York City being heavily Jewish? I haven't. Racists come in all colors and backgrounds.