Japanese Beetles!!!!

  1. I am at my wits end....Japanese beetles have overtaken my yard!!! Last year, we put out those bag-a-bug traps, but then heard (too late) that all they do is ATTRACT the darn things to your yard!!! We already know that we need to put down milky spore in the fall and winter, and I know to spray with sevin dust...is there anything ELSE I can do??? I am ready to have the yard PAVED.

    Plus, the store was out of sevin spray, which is what I used last year. All they had was sevin dust in a bag. How do I dispense it (safely) on my plants??

    All you gardeners out there, I am open to any and all suggestions!!! Please help!!!

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  3. by   kewlnurse
    Kant help with the beetles but the last time i perused the chemical isle at the Home Depot there was a plethera of chemicals i was itching to use, but fortunatly the only proble i have is those damn slugs . There's gotta be somthing to help you out.
  4. by   CEN35
    i have noooooooo clue k sorry? me
  5. by   hoolahan
    Not sure what else you can do kday, but I have used to bag-a-bug traps, and they worked great for me. Yes they attract the beetles, away from your flowers. Do you have a lot of roses in your yard? That's what they seem to love the best. Don't pave the yard! Maybe just re-design it, sans rose bushes ???

    Don't beetles start out as those ugly little grubs in the ground (in one of the pupa or larvae stages?) Maybe that's where you have to direct your most vigorous attack. Do a search on-line, there's got to be some good info out there!

    Good luck!! We are plagued with carpenter ants. They climb up the trees, onto the roof, and get into the tiniest spaces, then into our bedrooms upstairs. They seem totally disinterested in the kitchen (thank God!!) But it gets on your last nerve! Then my neighbor had poison ivy growing all over her fromt yard, which my husband trims for her. He can't stand it when the real IVY starts getting out of control, so he went ahead and cut it anyway, and yup, got poison, just like I said he would! I finally called her son and asked if he would mind if we paid to have it removed, as we are both too highly allergic to touch it ourselves. He said he just got some spray (not sure what) , after one application, it killed all the PIvy, and very little of the regualy ivy, which was good.
  6. by   imaRN
    I hope this isn't to late for your yard kday,
    But Sevin Dust is all I ever use. Put it in a leg of hose (you know the kind you hate to wear nylons) and then start shaking it.

    I dust all my roses with it and it works well. I went to a Pampered Chef party, and bought the "sugar shaker" (I needed to buy something and have so much already) but the shaker uses lots more than the hosiery trick!

    Good Luck, I have not seen a beetle on my roses yet this year and I have only dusted once. I do get my lawn sprayed professionally(maybe that helps too, don't know)......imaRN
  7. by   CashewLPN
    does seven dust come by any other name???

    I've never heard of it....

    we end up skimming them out of the swimming pool... along with the cicadas... yuck.

  8. by   imaRN
    Now I know for sure I don't have a life! (but I do like lawn and flower care, how sick is THAT!

    I just checked in my garage and the dust is actually called: Sevin mine was made by Dragon (namebrand) and it cost me $3.75 for a 4lb. bag, what a deal! Good Luck dusting!...imaRN