IV Homecare travels...

  1. Was heading to 12N family reunion about 1 15 min from my home Saturday. Was coming early to help set up so picking up my Dad by 9:30AM. Son dragging tail so didn't leave my home till 9:35AM, stop pick up fresh rolls for roast beef sandwiches, get Dad. All week kept telling 18 + 20 yo to get horseshoes out of garage............find out their in my DH car at work; on the way so another 10min detour. Get to Major highway and traffic backed up for miles.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo we take the country scenic route. Are my travel maps in place in car I keep them....no cause youngest son/new driver borrowed them, in HIS car. I remember jutting over to mall seeing this IV patient.....gee go past hospital dropping off blood for this case..... as summer camp RN if I get to Collegville, major highway runs south of there......took left turn on Rt 73 for chemo case......
    Stopped at auto store and did confirm directions ---just happened couple I spoke with lived in same town as reunion! Left vm with cousin who's VP and cell phone I have...no answer.

    No maps, blood hound driving directions from being IV RN visiting nurse pull into picnic area at 12N appointed meal time. My DD who is great driver and traveled for work too was amazed as HE was lost...son was quiet. Only 10 people there as was drizzling rain + traffic. One cousin drove 120 miles got there at 2PM. We had a great day and DD and DS won prizes.

    Smiled at Dad on return trip when yet another road detour... said that I'd inhereted my maternal grandfathers sense of direction (he was truck driver from 1920's) and that since it was his side family reunion, had added copilot.
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