It's supposed to snow tonight!

  1. 4-6 inches over night that's what they're predicting. I guess I'll have to drive my hubby's "Beast" to work...the suburban and spend half my paycheck feeding it! I need a freakin stepstool to get in the thing and then I have to tie a rope around it to haul it up into the beast. People always laugh when they see me doing this. Hey, driving that thing in the snow makes me feel very secure, but it's the other fools you have to watch out for. Why does it always snow when I have to drive an hour to work??????????????
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  3. by   RN always
    at least you got snow. I live in Alaska and we got ZERO snow. I hate it. I want a white Christmas!
  4. by   Beach_RN live in Alaska and you have ZERO snow...???????

    I hope we do get snow...... I want a snow day!
  5. by   Mkue
    Night Owl.. we are getting snow now !!! we don't need it, already have some leftover from Friday !!! :chuckle

    I still don't feel safe in a SUV
  6. by   colleen10
    Hi Night Owl,

    I'm in Pittsburgh, PA and wanted to tell you IT'S ON ITS' WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    It started snowing here about 1/2 hour ago. That's about 2 hours earlier than the meteorologists expected, so expect to see it earlier than anticipated.

    Stay Warm!

  7. by   Beach_RN
    Great Picture Marie! your sooo purty! send snow vibes my way!
  8. by   Zee_RN
    Yep, it's snowing here in SW PA! Reports are calling for any where from 3 - 5 to 5 to 7 inches in Westmoreland County. My kids are already doing the NO SCHOOL-NO SCHOOL chant! Heh, we'll just have to wait and see about that! Fortunately, I do not have to work tomorrow. Time to bake some cookies!
  9. by   BadBird
    I just looked out the window and it is snowing here in Pittsburgh, the dog just came in with fluffy flakes all over him from his 20 sec. tinkle break. Snow shovels are out and ready and I am off until Mon. I think I will just relax in my jammies and drink some coffee.
  10. by   night owl
    Oh Sh!!!!!!t already???????? I thought it looked like it was going to snow any minute when I ran out to the store a half an hour ago. Here we go....And mkue, you are soooo pretty! Nothing like I pictured you. If you drove my little Ford Escort in the snow just once, you'd feel very safe in a SUV, believe me!
  11. by   night owl
    Badbird, You're off til Monday? You bytch! Only kidding! I just want to be off tonight!!!!!
  12. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by night owl
    If you drove my little Ford Escort in the snow just once, you'd feel very safe in a SUV, believe me!
    Thanks Michele !

    I take back what I said about my SUV.. you be careful !!!
  13. by   adrienurse
    There's been snow here since before Halloween. But then again, I live in Winterpeg.
  14. by   RN always
    Yes, there is no snow in Anchorage, Alaska. Can U believe it? We broke a record for longest no snow so far and guess what? There is NONE in the forecast. What's up with that?