It's FRIDAY! December 21, 2007

  1. goes it, peeps?
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Hi there, Zooz!
    to FRIDAY! I love it when you mob finally catch up with us folks Down Under!

    Thanks for starting the thread. Hope you enjoy your friday!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning! :kiss

    I just finished a 3-11pm shift at my PRN job not too long ago. I'm tired, groggy, and have a little headache, so it's time for me to 'hit the sack' and go to sleep.

    Thanks for starting the thread, Zooz.

    Take care, and have a blessed day!
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    Doing good so far, ZOOZ, nursing student.
    I'm at work and didn't sleep enough today.

    Hello Grace. Hi Commuter! Youve got tamales on my mind too. Gotta get one in my mouth soon.
  6. by   zooz
    Commuter - Goodnight!

    Grace - Yay! We're now on track with the Aussies.

    Quote from spacenurse
    Doing good so far, ZOOZ, nursing student.

    Aww... You need your sleep, space. :icon_hug:

    Well, since my lone interesting event happened yesterday, I'll turn the thread over to you pros.

    Hope everyone has a good day! Here's a Nurstoon for ya'll.
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  7. by   Grace Oz
    Well folks, I'm off out to a friend's house. She's hosting a "Girl's night in" gathering.
    We each have to bring a plate of food to share, our bathers, (swimmers, togs, whatever you call those things for going into the water!LOL) for lounging in the spa in, (they have a HUGE 12 person spa!), and either our PJ's or some other comfortable clothing for relaxing in after the spa and feast, to watch a "chick' flick! LOL
    You don't have to just be a teenager to have fun with your girlfriend's! LOL

    Enjoy your day and stay safe and well!
  8. by   dianah
    Grace, sounds like LOADS of fun!! Enjoy!
    (and, Happy Belated Anniversary!)

    Hi Zooz (thanks for starting the thread), space (get some rest!) and commuter (you get some rest too!!)!

    Dh and I just got home from helping w/music for a dept Christmas program.
    VERY interesting evening! Great meal, with international flavors!
    Evening program consisted of (besides the donut shop gang's 1/2 hr of music), among other things:
    musical chairs game
    Nepal folk dancer
    Arabic dancer
    Philippine dancer
    Kid's choir (Feliz Navidad)
    Adult choir (O Holy Night)
    Line dancing exhibition (select employees)
    Child singing solo (a lovely song- didn't catch the title - something about a Christmas list or wish . . )

    They were a great group, very enthusiastic, very ethnically diverse!

    But between tonight and last night's potluck and jam, I'm TIRED!!!!

    Gonna git to bed.
    We have a rehearsal tomorrow nite at 7pm.

    Y'all sleep well, and have a good FRIDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! :Holly3: :Holly3:

    I DO believe in Santa!!! :Holly2: :Holly2:
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Sounds like a fun night Dianah . . . as usual, your exciting life!

    It is freezing cold here - fairly clear, which makes the cold worse. Brought the dog in even though he made a large poop mess in the basement this morning and I was tempted to leave him out. I feed him in the morning hoping he will get rid of it all before coming in the house. He is 10 years old - but I guess that wood pile is just too tempting.

    My 6 year old jumped up on the sink tonight to get his toothpaste and hit his head on the metal pointed end of the very old medicine cabinet - blood everywhere. He had a pretty decent gouge and I almost took him in to get stitches but I think he will be ok. Poor guy - shook him up to see all that blood.

    My oldest flies in from So. Cal tomorrow night for Christmas. My #2 son wants to borrow our KIA for a ski trip on Saturday. I'm a bit nervous about that - this is the kid who has had 4 accidents (well, in two he was not driving).

    Grace - hope you have a great time . . . a soak in a hottub sounds good tonight.

    Zooz and Commuter and Space :flowersfo

  10. by   nursemary9

    Another work nite; We're down pt's again tonite--3 empties!!
    Well, it's 0300 here & so far NO admits; I'm 3rd up for an admit, so I hope I'm "safe".

    ZOOZ, Thanks for starting the thread.

    Grace, Hope you had fun at your girl's nite!! Sounds like fun & a really good idea.

    Steph, I hope Spidey will be OK. Poor little guy!!:icon_hug:You need to give him some big hugs!!

    Dianah Sounds like you also had a nice time!!

    I hope all of you day people get some good

    Well, I am OFFICIALLY done with all the wrapping of gifts & the like.
    Now just need to clean the house for Sunday.
    Mom is coming & will spend the nite. That's when we'll have our Christmas Dinner as I work Xmas Eve& Day.
    have done the food shopping, so there are just a few odds & ends to pick up.
    I put my name down for Low Census on Friday evening, but I won't hear about that until 2100 or so.
    Saturday evening we're going to our Monthly Poker party.
    We're playing Poker but also we'll have a grab bag & small party. FUN!!

    Well, got to get back to work; You all have a wonderful day!!
  11. by   Sabby_NC

    Happy Friday Morning to you All,

    Yayyyy I am thankful it is Friday and I get a chance to chill over the weekend.

    Taking around a potential new employee today to show her what Hospice is all about and what we do in the pts homes.

    I hope and pray she likes what she sees so she can eventually take some patients from me! Hahahahaha Sabby the Poet

    Hubby's son has arrived from San Jose so yippee will be a real family Christmas this year with everyone here :spin::spin::spin: He is only around 6ft 4" I really enjoy hugging his knees LOL

    Just need to be sneaky and get the final few things for da hubby for Christmas today and THEN try to get them in the house Hard to do as he is worse that any child I know when it comes to presents.

    Sorry to hear of Adam's plight netters.

    How is your castrated patient? Did not realize they do that since I had left HH a few years ago!! LOL

    Jo hope your Father improves with his moods. I am glad you filled your Mum into things to keep an eye out for. I am truly sorry for the loss of your Grandmother. May you find comfort in your sweet memories of her.

    Raining here today YIPPEE, we need the earth quenched so badly.

    Hmmmmmmmmmm I wonder how Gracie's night with the women are going? Yeah chick flick for sure Those bunch are probably watching something steamy more like it!! Just want to call it a 'chick flick' RIGHT!!

    Ok ironing done, highlights to hair done, just got the polishing of da furniture and all house work is done. Got home and hubby had vacuumed, cleaned and polished all hard wood floors and cleaned all the bathrooms. House smelt bootiful when I got home from work. Hmmmm yeah me finks I will keep him around eh?

    Sounds like the Christmas Card club thingie that you have going on sounds like it will be a fun thing to be part of. I must join up next year. Shame these eyes did not see the post until it was too late. Typical of me at times. What a sweet idea who ever thought it up

    Well off to get another cuppa of java and polish hahahahha Love housework. I am purdy darn good at it too, feed me and water me and I am yours if you need help

    Have a wonderful day what ever you are up too and enjoy life as it is fleeting for many.

    Smile and the world will smile along with you.

    Just gotta say this year has been so different when out and about. People here are smiling more, not rushing around as much which is soooo nice. Maybe people are actually taking stock of their blessings and realize this.

    I am in a lovey dovey mood me thinks!!

    Toots one and all >>>>>>>>>>>> rushing for the java and polishing rag LOL

    Tammy I forgot to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday... I hope it was a beaut day for you.
  12. by   DDRN4me
    :Santa1: morning my friends!!!

    long time no see!!! life has continued to be crazy here.
    had work party here then family party last weekend... in the middle of a snowstorm. feel like we are living in Alaska ..we have had 28 inches of snow in the past 2 weeks!!:Snow:

    dd and her df found an apt; have also been helping her clean and decorate; they plan to move in first weekend in Jan.
    then my mom called and pulled out her back. will need lots of help shopping and cleaning and cooking for christmas eve ...from me

    second dd and her dh had some not so great news. his court case was continued AGAIN till Feb. which means no work for him ( long story but with his job he cant return while charges pending) the other girl in the accident is basically out for blood:angryfire:angryfire:angryfire cant get it from a stone.

    this means they will not be able to afford to get their own place, willl probably move in with me . not that i would mind when dgs is born

    well gotta run; lots to do at work today. then 4 days off...ahhhhhhh!!

    happy birthday tammy!
    congrats zooz

    hope everyone has a great day!!
  13. by   ertravelrn
    Good Morning Everyone
    This is a busy day for me, last one I have off until Christmas Day. Everytime I think I am done, I think of something else to do....
    Oh, well.....
    I hope everyone has a wonderful,peaceful day.
  14. by   clemmm78
    Good morning all.

    Warmer day around here, supposed to go to near zero (Celsius). Have some projects to do.

    Bittersweet day today. My baby brother would have been 38 years old; his birthday is December 21. It's been almost 3 years since he took his life - I can't believe it's been that long. I didn't expect to have this pit in my stomach today.

    Miss you JP.