It's Finally Over!!!!!!

  1. Have you seemed to notice that we have a love-hate relationship with Christmas? I love Christmas time of year, I love decorations, snow, presents, etc. BUT, I HATE Christmas eve. I am always so tired, all I want to do is go to bed, but there are presents to be wrapped, have to go get the ones that are hidden at my parents house, in-laws out of town but left kids gifts so have to go to their house and get them, have to play santa clause-put the presents out, stuff the stockings, have to eat all of those damn cookies that i baked so the kids will think that santa really enjoyed them, have to do all of this quietly after the kids go to bed!!!!!! I am so glad that it is over. Only 364 days until total torture again!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   kids
    We do all of our Christmas with everybody at our house on Christmas Eve... We DO NOT entertain or go anywhere on Christmas Day, it is a stay at home, be lazy and hang out together time. I will admit I felt kind of ripped off having take out chinese for dinner yesterday (I usually cook this huge multicourse meal and love doing it) so I did cook dinner for the husband and the boys...and the boy's girlfriends...and my daughter & her SO...nothing fancy or especially time consuming: a 10# prime rib, baked potatos, tossed salad, rolls and desserts leftover from yesterday. I am still in my jammies as are my husband and boys and we have been all day, its getting late enough to take a shower and putting on clean ones.