It's a slow night at work . . . What handed are you???

  1. My one and ONLY patient is safely sleeping with heart-a-beating. (Yep! that's always a good thing!!!)

    Sooooooooo,. . . .

    Simple poll . . . .

    Are you right handed or left handed?

    Or both!!!

    Currently not feeling very imaginative in the poll making thingy . . .


  2. Poll: Are you Right handed or Left handed?

    • Yep . . . I'm right handed!

      82.00% 41
    • Yep . . . I'm left handed!

      8.00% 4
    • Yep . . . I can use both hands equally well!

      8.00% 4
    • Hands??? I use feet!

      2.00% 1
    50 Votes
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  4. by   KC CHICK
    Righty, here.
  5. by   alwaysthere
    Right mostly, but i can do somethings very well with both hands
  6. by   Jenny P
    Ted, I go to work and run my butt off caring for my 1 or 2 critically ill pts. for either the 8 or 12 hours I'm there! You get to have slow nights where you conduct poles on allnurses for goodness sake!!! I could envy you for an occasional slow night I think!

    BTW, I'm a totally lefty and have trouble functioning in this totally right handed world!
  7. by   mattsmom81
    I'm very jealous of all your quiet nights too they need another ICU nurse at your hospital? Bet I could handle it...hehe!

    But I might have to fight Jenny and the rest for the job....

    Oh and I'm a rightie too...
  8. by   Ted
    Being slow on this ICU/CCU is not necessarily a good thing. This unit has been closed quite often over the past several weeks because of no patients! For the past couple of weeks, I've worked on the Med/surg floor . . . taking care of 50% of the patient population . . . That's two out of four people!

    I can't see how this small rural community hospital can survive. But I'm told . . . repeatedly. . . that this is normal . . . "It's the slow season".

    I've also taken a lot of "on-call" days because of very low or no census. My CLT bank is about 9 hours!!!

    To be honest, I don't know what to do. I did start looking for per-diem work just to get my feet in the door at a hospital . . . just in case this hospital decides to fold.

    Yep, it's a slow night! Sometimes it's a good thing! But right about now, I'd love to take care of a couple of patients . . . consistantly . . . day to day . . . and know that the hospital will still be around. It is a nice hospital. Small . . . very small. . . but nice. I'd like to continue to work here. And I will . . . until the hospital closes its doors . . . which could very well happen!

    Cheers to you!

  9. by   Ted
    Originally posted by alwaysthere
    Right mostly, but i can do somethings very well with both hands

    Oh yes!

  10. by   Jenny P
    So Ted, how big is this hospital? How many beds? I hate to float, so I promise I won't apply-- I'll let Mattsmon have a go at it!
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    it all depends on what the task is. therefore, i use both or can you both hands equally.
  12. by   l.rae
    nice nite in the ER for a change.......RIGHT on for me Ted....the last option on the poll reminded meof an incident last week on a not so slow of the newer residents who doesn't have alot of er exp. was barking orders around like he was auditioning for George Clooney's old role on nurse taking card of a not so acute pt.......''l want an EKG stat, give him nitro sl..stat and l want 2 large bore iV's stat...''yadayada....when the nurse looked up at him and said, '' l only have 2 hands, l am working as fast as l can with them...l can't start IV's with my feet.'' He backed off...l thought it was funny.......LR
  13. by   Ted
    Originally posted by Jenny P
    So Ted, how big is this hospital? How many beds? I hate to float, so I promise I won't apply-- I'll let Mattsmon have a go at it!
    Total potential census for the WHOLE hospital. . . about 32. Five ICU/CCU beds; four maternity beds; 16 med/surg beds; and about six ER beds.

    It's a small hospital. But I've met nurses here at "" who works for hospitals with fewer beds!

    There was actually a bad ICU/CCU nursing staff shortage here not too long ago. We're adequatly staffed now.


  14. by   Jenny P
    My hometown hospital had 25 beds but closed down sometime in the 80's; be glad that yours made it through the 80's and 90's when it seemed like every small hospital was closing or merging and then closing. Does the community fully support the hospital there? I hope so.
  15. by   mark_LD_RN
    i worked at a small hospital still do prn for them some, it has an er,16 beds on floor and 1 icu bed. i worked icu and er there. er sees about 4-6 people per 12 hour shift. icu was often empty so i floated around and or played supervisor. it was quite a different experience. i am having a slow night my self got 2 postpartum patients them been sleeping for 5 hours now not a peep out of them,i have already did all my chores and am bored to death. but just waiting to get slammed here as the witching hour of 4 am is quickly approaching.

    how by the way i am mostly right handed,but can use my left for some things