It's a Miracle! Come on in and share your story!

  1. Have you ever seen a real miracle?

    I mean, aside from the everyday ordinary miracles like birth and the parking space you prayed for on the way into the mall during Christmas rush....

    Tell us about it!
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    I have had so many miricles in my life that i couldn't even count them
    most of them i didn't recoginize aas a miracle until later looking back i saw Gods hand was leading me

    1] i prayed for my marriage to work out it was not to be and my children are stronger and have more respect for themselves than children that were raised in the ttype of home my husband would have provided

    2]when i needed money i was provided with a job to provide for my life

    3]many many others that are privates moments between God and me i never had a miracle likethe parting of the red sea but i have had my health restored and i see my gdrs son and the future is good
  4. by   catlady
    Don't read if you don't like cats or think they're not worthy of miracles:

    I was moving to another apartment at Christmastime in 1987. It was getting late, cold, rainy, dark, the movers had moved my things to the new place, and I went back to the old place one last time to clean out the last few items and pick up my (then) two cats. Only one cat wasn't there. She must have sneaked out while the movers were going in and out. I lived out in the country and there were lots of wild dogs running around; in fact, I once had to pay a tree surgeon to get her out of a tree that the dogs had chased her up. I searched outside, but as I said, it was dark and rainy. The apartment was empty, of course, but I dutifully searched inside as well. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't leave her. Finally, in despair, I held my other kitty, sat down on the front steps, and said, "Nicky, let's pray." Suddenly, I heard a voice in my head say, "Go back into the kitchen. Look in the bottom cupboard next to the stove."

    She was there.

    Ever after, she was my Christmas Miracle. Ironically, I lost her on Christmas Eve, 2000.
  5. by   leslie :-D
    angie- i need to think about that. many miracles for sure. they just escape this old airhead at the moment.

    catlady- LOOOOOVE your countdown ticker!!!!
    you may have well as written- days to hs graduation: 1,056,937,398
    i can sooo relate!!! 2 thumbs up catz!

  6. by   catlady
    Well, shucks, Leslie, I gotta have some kind of goal....even if it seems as far away as a mountain in Tibet, so to speak.
  7. by   live4today
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    Have you ever seen a real miracle? .....................

    Tell us about it!
    Yes, every time I look into a mirror I see a miracle. Why I am still standing, still breathing, and still pressing onward is a sure-fire miracle if I've ever known one. I mean this seriously. I do ask God daily why I am still on earth. It's by His Hand that I still stand.
  8. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    I had what I consider to be a miracle...

    Last year, while driving my (paid-for) older model car, I was going about sixty mph when all of a sudden the car started screeching to a stop as if I had pulled the emergency brake or something. The miracle was, even as I thought 'oh no, there is something jammed in my brake pedal' I grabbed the gearshift and yanked the car out of reverse into neutral. I have no knowledge about cars whatsoever. Somehow my car had put itself into reverse at that speed and yet within a split-second I had shifted into neutral, so fast that my transmission was not dumped or even weakened. And yet even as I shifted I was thinking that there was another cause. I don't even remember THINKING about shifting gears- I drive an automatic and never worry about that.

    I consider that a miracle. God knew I couldn't spring for a new transmission or a monthly car note.
  9. by   MLF
    I have experienced and witnessed so many miracles in my life that I could be here all day.Many, MANY times my kids have sustained injuries that could have been life-threatening but everything worked out. At the time I was inclined to think like everyone else-"They were just lucky"; "He/she had good medical care"; "The doctor mentioned all those side effects to cover himself"; etc. Looking back I see how blessed we were. I will mention one specific one.

    This one happened about 6-7 years ago. I have been involved in several rather serious accidents. Some minor ones. We lived in a state where it snowed a lot during the winter. It finally got to the point I wasn't able to drive in heavy traffic or snow for fear of wrecking. (It was common for my dh to drive me to work in snow and ice.) I was on my way to work one winter night. It hadn't been snowing and the roads were clear so I drove myself. I came around one corner and unexpectedly hit ice. As the rear of the van began sliding clock wise I simply knew I had "lost" it. There are, of course, all kinds of rules for handling a vehicle. I followed none of them because something told me I was already out of control. I stepped on the brake and held on for the ride. The van spun two full circles before it came to a stop just on the edge of the road. First off, it was a miracle I didn't hit anyone as there was other traffic. Second off, if I had of taken the van off the road where this happened it would most likely have rolled. Thirdly, the whole thing didn't really upset me. The reason for all of this was revealed hours later, at work. Once I had a chance to calm down (a lot of coffee and a lot of deep breathing) I suddenly remembered something that I hadn't been consciencely aware of at the time of the near wreck. I remember feeling arms tightly wrapped around me from behind. Yes, I DO believe in Guardian Angels.
  10. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I've witnessed a few miracles in my time too. I had a similar experience to mlf, only I had one of my kids in the car, we did go off the highway into a farmer's field, traffic was heavy but we missed hitting anything, and a Good Samaritan came along within moments and had us back on the road, none the worse, in no time.

    But the miracle I will remember forever I'm reminded of every single day when I look at my son. In March1989, following a liver transplant in January, he suffered three massive infarcts to his brain, likely due to dehydration. He was comatose for 11 days then began the long road to recovery. We thought. He developed sepsis (peritonitis and funguria) and deteriorated into MODS; on Good Friday (the 26th) he nearly arrested following a "significant fluid shift" (2.7L of peritoneal fluid drained out of his T-tube site in 2 hours)... On Easter Sunday they had to reintubate him because he was in impending respiratory failure. Later that day he went to the OR for an exploratory to see why he had blood in his abdomen. We replaced his circulating volume three times that day. His urine output by then was nil and dialysis at that center was not an option. Easter Monday he had a seizure. On the Wednesday we had a team meeting and the DNR criteria were decided. That morning, while on my way to the hospital, I prayed to God to choose which outcome we would get, but to please do it soon. I said, "If he's to live, guide the doctors' and nurses' hands; show them what to do. If You're going to take him, please don't wait." The following day was April 1st. When I walked into the PICU and saw some amber fluid in the urometer, I thought that was the sickest of April Fool's jokes. But the joke really was on me... he had turned the corner! He was extubated on April 6th and transferred out of PICU on the 11th. He is 23 years old now and healthy as the proverbial horse. He hasn't been in hospital for anything since 1995, when he had a tendon release. Perhaps the biggest miracle of all is that he's happy. Just as he is.
  11. by   leslie :-D
    i am always in awe of these near-death accidents and all walk away w/o a scratch.

    when my dtr was 6yo, she was hit by a car while crossing a street on her bike.
    she remembers being thrown from her bike.
    to this day, she consistently speaks of "a 5yo boy angel" who literally caught her in mid-air and gently lowered her to the ground.
    the impact of the car hitting her bike, was so great that her shoes were blown off her feet.
    yet tiff sustained only a chipped tooth.
    when we were in the ambulance, she told me about this boy angel.
    in childrens' hospital, she told staff about this boy angel.
    and over 10 yrs later, she still talks about this 5 yo boy angel who caught her and lowered her to the ground.

    i am constantly reminded of my dtrs' experience as well as many similar experiences with the dying in hospice.

    i love listening to my dtr talk about her little boy angel. :angel2: