It is urgent! The diabetic from Ukraine requires the help.

  1. I have a diabetes during two years. During this time I received Danish insulin free
    of charge on 70%. Other purchased itself. Now to me have informed that in 2003 I shall
    not receive any more Danish insulin and I shall receive only made in Ukraine. But the
    insulin made in Ukraine does not reduce sugar in blood how made in Denmark. I entered
    the Ukrainian insulin in 5 times more than it is necessary but the level of sugar in
    blood was not reduced up to the necessary level.
    It speaks that the Ukrainian insulin does not meet to international requests.
    I work in hospital. Many patients arrive in diabetic coma after long acceptance of
    the Ukrainian insulin.
    Cost of a month doze of insulin makes 100% from my wages per one
    I shall be very grateful to you for any help, for any advice as to me to
    survive in this situation. Without insulin I shall die slowly.
    The Ukrainian state does not wish to care of the citizens of patients with a diabetes.

    I search for work abroad not in USA.
    I the masseur and the anaesthetist but agree to work as the hospital attendant.
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  3. by   Robin61970
    I don't know much about this as I am a student, but later today more experienced people will be on and may be able to point you in a better direction......good luck to you

    Bumping to top of page.....
  4. by   Dplear
    The Dutch Insulin is U 100 and the Ukranain insulin is based on the old Russian insulin which is/was U 40. I remember a time when a bunch of insulin was sent over to Rusiia and they threw it out because it was not u 40. Litterally thiousnads of dollars of insulin.

  5. by   semstr
    that might be the problem.
    Vyach, is it possible to get a translation of the bypack into your language?
    Maybe the insulin is allright, but the dosage in different.
    Try to contact somebody at the Redcross-centre, they must know.