1. Greetings All Nurses,

    Ok for those who do not know I here at least once a day and have my chat room open as we speak (minimized). I like this modern puter age we live in, but last night during the heat of a discussion my server went down (first time). So like anyone who can barelt type on the keyboard I called my provider asking what is going on?

    I was mis directed 5 times in the night between my server representives and my Com Paq computer technician (s). I spent 5 hours doing this last night, back and forth. The last thing the technician at Com Paq had me do was "a SYSTEM RESTORE" on both my DSL and my "Prodigity" hardware/software. And I did not still have service or a connection. My modem kept recycling trying to connect and it had become frustrating for both the tech and me. His last words at 5:40 AM EST was you will hace to call back tomorrow and speak with a SR> Tech at an appointed time! Here I am at daybreak up all night working on my modem because my DSL service provider did not check thier CRT to see if the server was down, reprogramed my freakin computer all night, and went to bed thinking my puter was toast and would eventually end up at a Authorized Service center for its make and model.

    When I awakened today it was fine but, I am mad it was the stupid techs at my ISP who dropped the ball on this one I got the runaroud 3 times with them last night about this.

    So today I called to complain about this and at first the custmer service representive denied the server was down till I basically convinced him that I had done all that I said was done internally to my puter! Then he said wait a moment and checked his puter and found that indeed the server was down last night and aplogized and in the same sentence said we can not give you any credit for loss of service unless the duration is a week or more, "What the #^($", i am paying for a service that first of all was not there and put me through alot of changes last night and you are telling me that I can not get credit till it is a week or more, unreal!

    They could have told me last night about the server being down but instead had me do all this work in the middle of the night for an non existent problem and had me really look like an idiot with the Com Paq Tech, too. As it was a waste of his time, also!

    I had to vent this!

    Have a Blessed Day,

    PS For those I was talking to last night when this happened, I was not upset at anything that was said or thought. I WAS DISCONNECTED BY MY SERVER!
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  3. by   ndstc
    I used to do computer support for an ISP and how can I relate to what you are saying! I had to chuckle reading it. Not only as a customer who used the ISP I worked for but as a support technician who worked liked mad to find a resolution for a customer, lo and behold, come to find out that there was maintenance going on with the server and no one bothered to tell the lowly technicians or the customer that the server would be down! (Some of those customer's pay mucho bucks for high speed service and business accounts.) Oh man talk about being pissed. Wasted the customer,s time and mine. I have ended doing that same thing with a customer as what happened to you and ended up making me look like a fool! Then you refer to the business office for credit? Yeah, right! Of course you end up with the technician that don't know their a$# from hole in the ground. I couldn't stand that job but that was all I could do at the time. Thank God I back into nursing again. Why I can stand the lunacy in this profession is beyond me but it beats technical support for computers!
  4. by   CEN35
    wondered what happend Jami? here I thought you and Barbara were in the attic all night!!!!! LMAO!

    Sorry about the ISP issue buddy!