Isabel Sanford Dies

  1. She gave me many laughs growing up watching The Jeffersons.

    Thanks Weezie
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  3. by   Saved_by_Grace
    I know, how sad....I watched the Jeffersons so many times growing up. The world just won't be the same w/o Weezy Jefferson!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I loved her...she will be missed...
  5. by   SharonH, RN
    I was very sad to hear this. I saw her recently on the 2004 TV Land Awards and she was very frail and she seemed to have a little dementia. I was surprised that she was so old. She will be missed.
  6. by   lovinghands
    I can still hear her yelling, "George!" I love jeffersons, even when they were Archie's neighbors. Thanks for making us laughing, Weezie!