Is your work place Haunted

  1. I believe in Ghosts and I can hear them as well. But not see them.
    When I was interviewed for the Job that I have now as Care Assistant in a Residential Care home. I was being showed around the home and I was taken to one Corridor and I just senced that it was haunted and I didn't like that Corridor. It is small and dark even though there are lights and it is very narrow.

    A few weeks later I asked the other Carers about that corridor and they told me that it IS HAUNTED by children and that the elderly people HAVE seen children there. And have also been heard talking to them but when a Carer enters the room there is NOONE there but the old person. We have also been told this by the night staff. There are areas in the home that the night staff WILL NOT go to ALONE.

    The other week I was upstairs cleaning some commodes and I heard a mans crys. It freaked me out.

    The corridor That I don't like I hate it even more at night when I have to go down there esp on my own when it is dark.

    Does anyone else have any true accounts of hauntings in there work place. If So I would love to read them. Thank you.
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  3. by   P_RN
    I too have heard elders epeaking to unseen people. My grandmother spoke with my grandfather all day long while she was in the nursing home. By that time my grandfather had been dead nearly 20 years. It kept her content.

    No I haven't ever seen or heard ghosts. I have had the hair on the back of my neck rise up for no reason, just as if someone passed me close by.
  4. by   the new girl
    When you work in psych hospitals, rumors will fly, especially if there was a suicide at one time or another. I have not heard or witnessed anything, but there are hallways that can be creepy, and some of the patients talk about ghosts.
  5. by   Rapheal
    I believe in ghosts, haven't seen any at work yet. As for witches though...........(chuckles).
  6. by   Wolfpax
    I work as a psych nurse too... no deceased psych patients seen lately but did you ever approach an elevator in a dreary dank basement hall and get ready to push the button and it opens before you can...and it's empty !!! or one night while I was leaving late... the only person exiting the elevator and no units on the first floor, they were closed for renovations, someone said "goodnight" when I went out the door... I don't know maybe I should have popped a thorazine that night before leaving... but my true strange encounter wasn't so strange just spooked me... I was just hired to work as an EMT in the emergency room and I was at my first unsuccessful code... well it was my job to bring the body to the morgue... and of course on the evening tour noooobody's in the basement or in the elevator is that section of the hospital... my friend that I was escorting took her last breath after the elevator doors closed... I heard this moan and the hairs stood up on my arms etc... praying for the elevator doors to open fast... well I eventually accomplished my task but for some time afterwards I would escort morgue patients by putting them in the elevator, pressing the basement button and walking down the stairs... by the way Rapheal there is a coven where I work too! (ha ha)
  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    A former workplace found me having to make more frequent trips than I would have cared for to the morgue on night shift. It's always in the dark, creepy basement, naturally! I was less worried about potential ghosts than that creepy security guard I had to escort the bodies down with lol.
  8. by   debyan
    Saw one at work once, it was an old TB hospital at one time and there were little balconies on the upper floors I was on my way to the nurses station and saw someone on the balcony openedthe door to see who was sneaking a cig break and no one was there. ewww spooky