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  1. > > Thoughts on our President
    > >
    > > Whether you actually like George W. or not.... This has
    > > some interesting thoughts...
    > >
    > > First, an observation. Have you noticed a difference in
    > > the salute given by our military men and women as President
    > > Bush walks by? Most folks would not notice anything, but
    > > those of us who have served in the military see it right
    > > away.
    > >
    > > Next time, Watch: When President Bush leaves his helicopter
    > > or Air Force One, the honor guards salute and face him as
    > > he disembarks, then turn their faces towards him as he
    > > passes by. They continue to salute his back as he walks
    > > away. This kind of salute has not been seen in the previous
    > > eight years, though it is customary courtesy to the
    > > Commander-in-Chief. You see, soldiers aren't required to
    > > turn and face the President as they salute. They are not
    > > required to salute his back. They are only required to
    > > salute. They can remain face-forward the entire time. And
    > > that is what they did during the previous administration.
    > > Our soldiers were forced to obey his orders, but they were
    > > not forced to respect him. From their salutes, we can
    > > surmise that they did not.
    > >
    > > Why is such respect afforded to President Bush? He doesn't
    > > even know how to bite his lower lip and not get teary-eyed
    > > whenever he speaks!
    > >
    > > The following incident from Major General Van Antwerp may
    > > give us an insight. Gen. Antwerp is president of the
    > > Officers' Christian Fellowship. He lost nearly all his
    > > staff when the Pentagon was attacked Sept. 11. His
    > > executive officer LTC Brian Birdwell was badly burned and
    > > in the hospital when President Bush visited him. Our
    > > President spent time and prayed with Brian. As he was
    > > getting ready to leave, he went to the foot of Brian's bed
    > > and saluted. He held his salute until Brian was able to
    > > raise his burned and bandaged arm, ever so slowly, in
    > > return. The Commander-in-Chief almost never initiates a
    > > salute, except in the case of a Congressional Medal of
    > > Honor winner. The injured soldier did not have to return
    > > the salute. But he did, out of respect to his President
    > > ...-a Soldiers' President.
    > >
    > > Congressman JC Watts (R. Oklahoma) said, "Character is
    > > doing the right thing
    > > when nobody is looking," (My favorite quote of all time.)
    > > The nation and world learned some of what our last
    > > President did when nobody was looking. That President has
    > > been disbarred. The worst disgrace (other than
    > > imprisonment) to a lawyer. CNN will have a difficult time
    > > shining his or his wife's tarnished images.
    > >
    > > In this time of war and danger, I am so grateful to have a
    > > President whom the soldiers salute -- fully.
    > >
    > > On Special Report with Brit Hume, at the close of the show
    > > when they normally have some funny video clip, they showed
    > > President Bush and the First Lady on their way to Maine to
    > > leave for Camp David for the weekend. As the video starts,
    > > the First Lady is leading the way into the helicopter with
    > > the spaniel dog on the leash, and the president is right
    > > behind her with the Scotty on the leash. As the First Lady
    > > entered the chopper, the Marine at the gangway saluted and
    > > held his salute. The Scottie the president was walking
    > > decided it wanted to sit right when he got to the steps.
    > > The president pulled on its leash, but the stubborn Scottie
    > > persisted in sitting. The president bent down and scooped
    > > up the pooch and entered Marine
    > > One. After he entered, the Marine cut his salute and
    > > returned to the position of attention. Moments later the
    > > President reemerged from the helicopter and out onto the
    > > steps. The Marine was standing at attention, head and eyes
    > > straight ahead. The President leaned over and tapped him on
    > > the left arm. The startled Marine turned his body toward
    > > the President and received his returned salute!
    > >
    > > I was so impressed by this true act of respect for our
    > > military people by our President! He really does get it.
    > > Most any other person of his stature would have just
    > > continued his journey, disregarding the neglected return
    > > salute. Not George W. Bush. He is earning the respect of
    > > the military community, not expecting it -- as most have
    > > and would.
    > >
    > > President George W. Bush. The man who admitted to having a
    > > drinking problem in younger years, and whose happy-go-lucky
    > > lifestyle led him to mediocre grades in college and an
    > > ill-fated oil venture. Who mangled syntax, and whose
    > > speaking miss-steps became known as "Bushisms." He came
    > > within a hair's breadth of losing the election in November.
    > >
    > >
    > > Bush named Jesus Christ as Lord of his life on public TV.
    > > Not an Oblique reference to being "born-again" or having a
    > > "life change." He actually said the un-PC-like phrase,
    > > "Jesus Christ!"
    > >
    > > On September 11, he was thrust into a position only known
    > > by the likes of
    > > Roosevelt, Churchill, Lincoln, and Washington. The weight
    > > of the world was on his shoulders, and the responsibility
    > > of a generation was on his soul. So President George W.
    > > Bush walked to his seat at the front of the National
    > > Cathedral just three days after two of the most impressive
    > > symbols of American capitalism and prosperity virtually
    > > evaporated.
    > >
    > > When the history of this time is written, it will be
    > > acknowledged by friend and foe alike that President George
    > > W. Bush came of age in that cathedral and lifted a nation
    > > off its knees. In what was one of the most impressive
    > > exhibitions of self-control in presidential history,
    > > President George W. Bush was able to deliver his remarks
    > > without losing his resolve, focus, or confidence. God's
    > > hand, which guided him through that sliver-thin election,
    > > now rested fully on him. As he walked back to his seat, the
    > > camera angle was appropriate. He was virtually alone in the
    > > scene, alone in that massive place with God, just him and
    > > the Lord.
    > >
    > > Back at his seat, George H. Bush reached over and took his
    > > son's hand. In that gesture his father seemed to say, "I
    > > wish I could do this for you, son, but I can't. You have to
    > > do this on your own."
    > >
    > > President George W. Bush squeezed back and gave him a look
    > > of peace that said, "I don't have to do it alone, Dad. I've
    > > got Help."
    > >
    > > What a blessing to have a professing Christian as
    > > President.
    > >
    > > Please take a moment after you read this to "pray for him."
    > > He truly does have the weight of the world on his
    > > shoulders. Pray that God will sustain him and give him
    > > wisdom and discernment in his decisions.
    > >
    > > Pray for his protection and that of his family.
    > >
    > > And after you have prayed, send this to everyone on your
    > > e-mail list. Our President needs Christians, Democrats and
    > > Republicans alike, to be praying for him. As this makes the
    > > e-mail rounds, eventually there could literally be millions
    > > of people praying for him, and for our Great Country....
    > >
    just wanted to post this to get opinions. is it true that the soldiers salute gwb differently. or is this another urban legend??? i just got this in an e-mail.
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    thanks. that is what i figured.
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    Ditto on the thank you. Glad you put this to rest before it got silly.

    I just love getting emails and replying to them with links to the snopes website!

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    I liked your post Tiger !
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    Originally posted by sbic56
    ...Ditto on the thank you. Glad you put this to rest before it got silly.
    You aren't kiddin', sister! :chuckle
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    (Cue the music from "JAWS"...)

    Just when you thought it was safe to read your e-mail...
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    I routinely delete all forwards I get. Works for me
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    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

    I just love getting emails and replying to them with links to the snopes website!

    My husband gets really ticked off with me because I do it to him all the time. If he would only learn to look for himself it wouldn't be a problem!