Is this a cool idea or what?

  1. For those of us that can't figure out what we want to be when we grow up, check out this guy.
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  3. by   jnette
    Bet that WOULD be interesting, huh?

    Yeah.. no boredom there.. if ya hate it, you know you're outta there in a week, bo big deal! Always something new and different to look fwd. to.

    I could do that... yep !
  4. by   leslie :-D
    wow, that IS pretty cool.
    except he's not getting jobs that reflect his degree status.
    are any of these professional jobs?
    i once briefly dated an economics professor, who claimed to have the system beat.
    he taught economics and to supplement his income, he was a meter-reader.
    he truly felt he had the best of both worlds.
    a renegade, if you will.
    thanks, eric.