Is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble reading "Site Feedback"?

  1. On "Site Feedback" Brian has 2 announcements and it looks like others have responded, but I can find and/or read their comments. Anyone else having this trouble?
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  3. by   Whisper
    I didn't think we were mean to be able to see them, sure I read it in an anouncement somewhere. I think only mods, and admin can read the whole thread, and if you post you can se that posts replies

    Sorry I can't be of more help,
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    you can't read it because only brian and his site administrators can read this section and respond to it. it is meant to cut down on sniping and help them to serve our needs better, i would assume.
  5. by   P_RN
    That's correct Deb. Brian, Karen, and Rusty are the only ones who access that forum.
  6. by   Jenny P
    Well, both site feedback and the other feedback forum both suddenly appeared for the first time today on my screen and now there is only the site feedback forum without any entries.

    I definitely feel it is necessary to have a feedback forum that we can all access because that is the only way that I found out I was not having computer problems but rather that there was a problem with the site itself in the past.
  7. by   karenG

    It says that if you post a comment on feedback, you will be able to access the reply- just that no-one else can!

  8. by   Gomer
    Thanks all for the answers...