Is anyone an avid runner?

  1. Hi all, I've been running for almost 8 months now and last week I got a sharp pain on the lateral side of my right knee. It hasn't gone away. I can still run, but if I stop to cross a street or something, I start limping until the pain goes away. I'm going to the doctor on Monday, but I though I just ask ya'll as well.

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    Originally posted by MIKEY LIKES
    Hi all, I've been running for almost 8 months now

    last week I got a sharp pain
    ......that's exactly why I don't run. Unless there's a man with a gun running behind me.

  4. by   MIKEY LIKES
    I race Cyclocross which is a sport that involves cycling and running. You can go to "Cyclocrossworld dot com" and read all about it. Why do I run, hmmmm....for fun!
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    I have been a runner for about 8 years. Luckily no injuries, however I notice that if I do not get new shoes every 6 months then I tend to get achy knees. Have you been using the same shoes for 8 months? If so it is time for new ones! In the summer when my milage is at its peak, I get new shoes every 4 months.
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    I have been a runner for wow 9 years now. I ran throughout college (just graduated last May) Anyhow, I definitely have to agree with JJFrog about the shoes. I actually am even more compulsive about getting new ones, I get new ones about every 500-1000 miles. Miles are usually a better way to judge. LOL just like oil changes on your car.

    Anyhow, another thing that could be affecting you would be the surfaces you are running on. You need to change them. Running on roads all the time or a treadmill can really do a number on your shins....which even though you are feeling it in your could be your shins believe it or not. If you can get to a path or grass or a golf course (yes we used to do speed work outs on the local golf courses...) However, try to do each run either on grass or roads.... switching during your runs can also hurt.

    More advice.... are you warming up before and after...esp now that it is getting colder........VERY IMPORTANT...and even though you may not feel like you need must or you will be hurting!!!! And believe it or not but the stretching after your run is what you really ought to be spending the most time on.

    Another thing ... I don't know what kind of mileage you are putting in, but you need to be real careful when adding it on...if you increase too fast it can cause injuries. What worked well for me .... well in college right now I am still kinda trying to balance work and running...much harder than with classes and clinical in my opinion!!!!!! I didnt have much choice but I really agreed with my coach's training to vary your mileage day to day. Doing the same amount of mileage every day can really do a number on your legs.... we usually did a long run a week at a comfortable pace, with two moderate length runs at a slightly faster pace, two hard workouts, an easy day, and a race day. This was during season which being a distance were in season from end of August til May. Just be sure to vary your mileage day to day and the runs as well as the speeds. I don't know what kind of schedule you have yourself doing right now.

    Anyhow I wish you the best of luck. Cyclocross seems real interesting. I have always wanted to try out a of these days.. but the cycling is what I was afraid of!!!
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    I don't run, h3ll, I don't even break a boobs bounce all over and I hate it when they get burned when I'm trying to light a cigarette.
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    I used to run quite a bit. But my right knee bothers me. I've never been to a doctor but I had to quit running. I was up to a half-marathon before I quit a couple of years ago. I miss those long runs. But those long runs are tough on the old body.

    Pain is an indication that there is something wrong. Don't run anymore until you check it out. You could be making a bad situation worse.

    Good luck.
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    Kids and Heather,

    Runners,you dont think the aches and pains may be your bodies trying to tell you something??!! Just a thought!
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    I was a runner, but 17 years ago, I broke my ankle during a run, very complicated too, needed 3 operations on that stupid leg and never went running after that.

    Your problem sounds like either a) bursitis, b) meniscus c) ligament (you know these little tears develop themselves quite slowly sometimes) or d) baker cyst

    Sorry, hope it will get better soon, don't run now!!
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    Originally posted by kids-r-fun
    I don't run, h3ll, I don't even break a boobs bounce all over and I hate it when they burned when I'm trying to light a ciggarette.
    Hell, I think I would knock myself out if I tried to run! Boobies flying everywhere! I have to hold them down when I do anything above a brisk pace.

    I don't like all the extra breeze when trying to light my smokies either. Can't get the d*mn things lit....

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    JJfrog, No my shoes are only 3 or 4 months old. But I went up a half size. Someone close to me told me to get a half size bigger. I've been using Brooks Mach 5. Pretty happy with them so far.

    New CCU RN,
    My mileage is about 7 to 10 miles X 3days p/week. I dont put in a lot of mileage because I use running to train for Cyclocross. If your'e wondering what the heck is Cyclocross. GO to "Cyclocrossworld dot com" is a really cool site. My girlfreind does Ironman, she's about to go to Malyasia to compete in another next month.

    The running I do out here in Lubbock,Texas is moslty on grass with some pavement. I do try to change it every week. I think I might need to warm up more since the weather is getting really cold out here.

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    You mean run, like with your feet?
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    Run Forest....Run!!!!!