Iraqi Acceptance

  1. Iraq has accepted the return of UN weapons inspectors. They have agreed to abide by all PREVIOUSLY established rules, but have declined the addition of any new rules. This translates to mean that Presidental Palaces are off limits. So, if a presidential palace, of which several had previously been identified by the Iraqis, has 14 buildings, and sits on 500 acres, the entire facility is off limits. See

    Colin Powell has already stated the US position that this is unacceptable. See

    I have my opinions on this (and most of you can probably guess what they are), but I am genuinely curious what others think of the Iraqi offer, and the US response.

    Kevin McHugh
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  3. by   semstr
    Well it is a start at last.
    Better than blasting away innocent people.
  4. by   Glad2behere
    It's a lot better than what we had. A whole lot better than war, not that it will have any effect on whether that occurrs. I like it happening oodles more than it not happening.

    Kinda like Johnny Carson told Dolly Parton on late night TV some years ago. "I'd give about a year's salary to have a peek!"
  5. by   donmurray
    I am sure that the despotic tyrant Hussein will carefully tread the fine line of current international law, whilst blowing raspberries at the west, hoping we will be the ones to overstep the mark.
    Much has been made of his readiness to use his weapons of mass destruction on his own downtrodden, longsuffering people, as an excuse for our unilateral intervention. I suspect that those same downtrodden, longsuffering people may find it difficult to welcome the arrival of our high explosives labelled "freedom" with much delight, especially the surviving relatives of the estimated 10,000 civilians who will die in the invasion to save them from their leader.

    There is no fury like a vested interest, masquerading as a moral principle.
  6. by   CATHYW
    Kevin, I agree with Don about Saddam blowing raspberries at us in the West. He loves trying to make fools of us. I think he will continue to play the "shell game" with his weapons. They will be at one place, and somehow moved to another, when it comes time to inspect that location.

    Remember the baby blue jackets with the words "Baby Milk" on the back of them at a former munitions factory during Operation Desert Shield/Storm? He is still trying to make fools of us, to the rest of the world, and gain sympathy in so doing!

    The words "collateral damage" are awful, ever since Oklahoma City, but the free world needs to do something to eradicate Saddam. Bottom line. :stone
  7. by   StuPer
    Hi Everyone,
    I agree that Saddam is simply playing the UN for a patsy, but I also think let him play his games until he`s got enough rope to hang himself with. The UN weapon`s inspectors are not on his side, and I suspect they'll pull the plug as soon as he starts playing the idiot in Iraq.
    regards Stuart
  8. by   rebelwaclause
    Kevin...Do you think the Prez just wants to push the button, just to say he was tall enough to do so? (smile).

    I mean, really...Adding Korea and other nations in his war path? Who is egging him on? Or worse yet, who's not educating him on consequences? (we DO KNOW Korea is nuclear savy...).