Invisible Wedgie Monster

  1. WICHITA, KS ( - Police and public officials are baffled by a
    series of attacks on pedestrians in the area around the Old Cowtown Museum in
    downtown Wichita. Barry Throwat, one of the first victims, described the
    attack as "A sudden sharp yank upwards of my underpants, while I was just
    walking down the sidewalk. But there wasn't anybody even near me!"
    Melissa Grumm recalls another attack, which happened to her friend Karen
    while they were chatting near the museum entrance. "Karen suddenly got this
    wild look in her eyes," says Grumm, "and it looked like she jumped into the
    air. The edge of her underwear just shot out from the top of her Levi's,
    straight up in the air!. I thought I could hear a kind of a snickering sound,
    but there was absolutely nobody there!"
    Another attack occurred near the US Bank building, and was actually captured
    on one of the security cameras. Dwight Reynolds, the bank's security officer,
    says that even though you can see the victim, Hank Edwards, being "lifted
    right off his feet by his underpants", there is no sign of anyone or anything
    that could have done it.
    Police Captain Melvin Trimp says that whoever the prankster is, he will be
    caught and brought to justice eventually. Until then, he advises people in
    downtown Wichita to exercise caution. "Normally I wouldn't advise against
    wearing underwear," he says, "but it might be prudent to go without until the
    perpetrator is caught."

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  3. by   ShandyLynnRN
    What the..??????

    If this case is resolved, and someone hears about it, PLEASE someone post it here!!! My curiosity is beyond peaked!!!
  4. by   emily_mom
    Good thing I don't wear underwear! (just kidding, i really do....

    Pappy, thank YOU!! for the laugh this morning!

  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    This has got to be a joke, right?!?!

    That last line was hilarious - "Normally I wouldn't advise against
    wearing underwear," he says, "but it might be prudent to go without until the
    perpetrator is caught."

    So what does everyone think? A wedgie lovin ghostie?? Or the invisible man??
  6. by   Mkue
    that is hilarious !! thanks JonRN:chuckle
  7. by   baseline
    :roll :chuckle Good one!!!!:kiss Thank you Jon!!!
  8. by   Chiaramonte
    your mother always told you to wear clean underwear or was it NO I understand or do I??
  9. by   cbs3143
    I wonder if Rod Serling was seen just before or just after any of these events?

  10. by   night owl
    A new form of terrorism perhaps?...Wedgie terror
  11. by   SandyB
    Thanks for the laugh. Now I have to go remove my underware...hahahahaha
  12. by   hapeewendy
    like I needed another reason to go commando!

    just kiddin...
  13. by   Hidi74
    OMG....That reminded me of something I did one time.....a few of the girls I worked with wanted to give one of the younger .....well dingy girls a wedgie. We had previously disscussed them and she had never heard of them. Well I decided after years of getting them from my siblings that I would do it. I figured I knew how.....well lets just say I had to give her 5 bucks to go buy her some new I RIPPED her thongs apart... OOOOPPPSS I guess I pulled to hard. I told her to buy her some more substantial underwear....I mean come on they musta been real thin and worn out to rip that easy.....hehehehehe
  14. by   LasVegasRN
    That's exactly why I like wearing granny bloomers. Not sexy, but extremely roomie and comfortable - practically wedgie-proof.