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  1. This is a very interesting article.
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  3. by   nightingale

    Great article....

    Scarry: However, U.S. vaccine supplies are limited and U.S. production capacity is modest. There is no vaccine available for civilian use.

    Yikes! I have been lulling myself into a safe LaLa Land attitude that it was "not a big deal".... OMG...

    Thanks for the update....

  4. by   essarge
    You are welcome. I found the information "enlightening" to say the least!!
  5. by   Ellen in Ont
    I have been doing reading and research on Anthrax lately. I wasn't too concerned about this threat at first believing that antibiotics would cure it. However, the way my reading is pointing is that it is much more of a long term threat than I once thought. I hope that my interpretation of the facts is wrong but this is what I have pieced together. If anyone can find any info that proves me wrong I would be happy to hear it!! The Anthrax spores are inhaled and nestle in the lungs and lymphatic tissues in the chest (causing a widened mediastinum on x-ray). When they are nice and comfortable they start producing bacteria which in term release toxins. Both of these cause the severe illness. Antibiotics wipe out the bacteria BUT NOT THE SPORES! They rest inside you waiting until they feel like releasing another batch of bacteria. From what I gather, the vaccine is to protect against the toxins, again not the spores. So you can become infected over and over with the bacteria but the vaccine protects against the toxins if you do, and antibiotics can then again treat the bacterial infection. Nowhere can I find info on anything that destroys the spores! The CDC is saying that anyone who has been diagnosed with Anthrax will need long term monitoring but not saying why. Also I believe the vaccine that the government has, has been in quarrantine because of unapproved changes made during the original manufacturing. I have read of a possible link between the vaccine and the Gulf Was Syndrome. That is probably why they won't release it for the public, it is not safe!
    This is one time I am hoping I am wrong. Please let me know if you get more info on this.