1. There is only one thing in my life I can truly count on. No matter what sort of medical or surgical proceedure I have the day always comes when that bill saying that my insurance did not pay for part or all of it arrives. A $2222 bill arrived last year the Friday before Christmas (which was on a Tuesday) so I had to wait five days to get the situation straightened out.(that one was for my choly) This one that came today is for $250(colonoscopy). As far as I know I it is bogus also. People make mistakes, just as sure as the sun comes up and someone will type the wrong thing into a program. I am lucky, sometimes it is easy to get it straightened out, sometimes it is difficult but I have always managed to get it straightened out.
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  3. by   uk_nurse
    here in the Uk we don't pay medical insurance, so i dont have that problem. We pay National Insurance, but the only people who pay that are the people who work. Our National Health Service (NHS) is in a pretty bad way and things need to be done to improve it.
  4. by   CEN35
    only three things are, taxes and death........ :chuckle

  5. by   kids
    NOPE...there are 4, taxes, death and SCREWED UP MEDICAL BILLS!

    Had 2 boys have knee surgery 1 day apart last November...was covered 100% IF the billing was done right...still trying to get their (hospital and MDs billing depts) heads back in the sunny fresh air.