India and Pakistan

  1. It appears they are very close to war but I don't understand why. I know they have huge populations and atomic weapons and that is all. Does it have something to do with religion? Did someone say they were once one country? Are there any third party experts that know something about what is going on here. If someone that has loyalty to either side wants to answer that is fine but please identify yourself as having a stake.
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  3. by   shay
    Oramar, come out from under that chair!!! It's totally okay to ask a question!!!

    I'm clueless on this one, too. I have no idea why India and Pakistan are on the brink of war, and I too would like someone who has a clue to enlighten me. It's scarin' the crap outta me.
  4. by   CATHYW
    I think I heard that they were once one country, but I can't remember where I heard it, so this comment is about worthless! Move out from under that chair, and let me get under there!
  5. by   fergus51
    The problems started as soon as the Brits left from what I understand. They made Pakistan to be a homeland for muslims and India to be a homeland for hindus (when they ceased being a part of the British empire), so hundreds of thousands of people were displaced in both countries to move to the other.

    The biggest problem now is Kashmir, a majority muslim area which India controls, but Pakistan does not believe is rightfully a part of India. So Kashmir has all these rebels (muslims) fighting for independance from India, and India says they are getting help from inside Pakistan. The countries have fought a few wars this last century and India has won all of them.
  6. by   donmurray
    Essentially, thats it. It was all India before independence, but the Indian politicians could not agree, and insisted on Partition of separate Hindu and Islamic states. East and West (now Bangladesh) Pakistan were created for the Muslims. (Like an elephant's ears in relation to the Indian sub-continent. Pakistan is the right ear, underneath Afghanistan)
    Jammu and Kashmir are about 2/3 Muslim to 1/3 Hindu,with a few Buddhists and Christians. The then prince had the decision of which way to jump, and chose India, with disputes, wars, and UN resolutions ever since. India blames Pakistan for supporting the Muslim guerillas who have been fighting Indian control since 1989.
  7. by   fergus51
    I don't find it comforting that either of these countries has nuclear weapons!!! Especially Pakistan. From what I understand they haven't had real democratic elections in a while and Musharaff is just the current strong man.... Sounds oh so stable doesn't it?! To think I was planning on Northern India as a vacation spot this winter. Now I am thinking Vietnam and Cambodia would be safer and more relaxing.It's sad....
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    the last atomic detonation on earth was shot off by Pakistan in 1998. I think it was a 3 kiloton underground test. It's easy to detect underground tests because of the obvious wave created.

    the bombs the us dropped were 15-20 kiloton.

    I think us and russia are the only thermo-nuclear powers. Thermo-nuclear, hydrogen bombs yield mega-tons. A mega-ton is a thousand 1000 kilo-tons. The most powerful explosion was by the former soviet union, who detonated a 68 mega-ton, followed by the us, with a 48-megaton.

    Surely, if one country started to detonate atomic weapons, others would follow suit. The US and USSR both produced films proving nuclear war is sustainable, but that was against armies...not cities.

    If Al-Quida ever got a hydrogen bomb, OMG. 7 or 8 H-bombs could defeat any country, including my own. Soviet scientists argued that 50 simutaneaous Hbomb detonations would disrupt life on the planet earth, nuclear winter.

    A could all ready have these "suit case" atomic bombs and use them as primers for fusion reactions, which is undoubtedly why we haven't seeen a detonation yet. .
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  9. by   micro
    talked about this with someone very close, very closely related to this area tonight.....
    when you look and talk to someone that you care about closely......and they have people that they care about even _______ involved.......then it makes you rethink any silly rethink silly commment in a discussion group on a internet forum...........
    there are no answers.......
    but the
    Why in the name of politics, religion or God..........???????
    Why can't we just let each other be?

    "Why can't my God be my god and your god be your god????"
    from a friend.............

    so sad and so sad.........

    "Mankind will endure when the world appreciates the logic of diversity."
    ---Indira Gandahi
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  10. by   LasVegasRN
    If you really want to get an idea of why, watch "Ghandi", the movie. It came out in the early 1980's, Ben Kingsley won an Oscar for an absolutely stunning performance. The attention to historic detail is unmatched. To get an idea of how long the pain and suffering has continued without hardly any acknowledgment from those who participated and profited, read about the Amritsar Massacre of 1919 (you can do an online search on "Amritsar"), unfortunately, it is only one of many massacres.

    The pain and conflict that these people have endured for generations is heart-wrenching. Mahatma Ghandi would be weeping right now....
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