In the words of nurses who were there...

  1. From nurses who were there - in their own words:

    As the towers fell, I stood stunned at the reports.
    I sold my house, my car, and in May of this year, I said goodbye to my friends and family in Birmingham, Alabama. I never imagined how my world would open up

    The Experience at Ground Zero Has Made Me a Better Nurse
    I then realized that nursing was the right path for me....

    Associate Professor and Students Set Up Mobile Emergency Treatment Unit
    On the morning of September 11, I saw the crystal clear blue sky over Manhattan become blackened with clouds and smoke as both towers of the World Trade Center tried in vain to remain standing. I knew instantly that it was not going to be the clinical orientation to medical surgical nursing for my students I had planned. I was to teach by example a different lesson that day.....

    His wife arrived on the first night and spoke of her love for him, and cried...
    The spirit that we have seen across the nation has been nothing less than astounding. It is something that you see and feel everywhere you go....

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    Courage and Dedication
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    Nurses Stories from the Field - "Ground Zero"

    from nurses who were there

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