In praise of dh

  1. OK, we had our gripe thread so it's only fair and just that we have a praise thread for dear dh's (and any other spousal types!).

    Mine is great with computer upkeep (and we have three PCs and a laptop! ), including diagnostics, repair and upgrade.
    He does the wash while I'm out on errand day (grocery store, PetSmart, etc).
    He does have a good sense of humor, albeit dry at times!
    He will often clean up the kitchen mess (without being asked) after I've made a meal (the four or five times a year that I do one from scratch! ).
    He's very meticulous about caring for our "zoo" of animals.

    I'm sure I can think of more, but that's good for a start.
    Anyone else???
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    well, dh can get the dogs to listen to him. top that one.
  4. by   mariedoreen
    My dh (what the heck does that stand for anyway?) may not be a domestic god but he has been nothing but supportive of my decision to go back to school and has always encouraged my efforts and has been more than willing to step in and pick up a sock after it became apparent to him that a tornado had swept through our home. ; ) The house may be a mess half the time and we may eat out way too much and he may be clueless about chores that need to be done, but he supports me without reservation (and this has been for going on 5 years now) and I'm thankful for that alone.
  5. by   dianah
    Some say dh stands for damn husband, some say dear husband. I refer to the latter; if I perchance am of the opinion that he should be the former, I'll state it loud and clear.
  6. by   BRANDY LPN
    Somehow this isn't as fun as slamming them. I will have to think about it and see if I can come up with something.
  7. by   dianah
    HAHAHA, I know what you mean Brandy! I had to rack my brain to organize the things I came up with, which is sad, really! It IS supposed to be a partnership, and I should be focusing on the whole person, not just on the negatives (because they're so much more fun to use/slam!). I think that's why I started the thread, too -- to help us realize there ARE good points to dh!
    I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says (and I love to quote it to dh): Never question your wife's judgment. Look who she married.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    He has honestly put ME first 99.9% of the time (military life permitting). He loves me despite my horrendous shortcomings and faults.

    He is a wonderful Dad for my kids. They love him deeply and he them. It shows. But he is NOT afraid to discipline them as needed.....and fairly but never with a heavy hand. He is like me, does not believe in hitting the kids and I love that about him.

    He is an honorable, honest man with great integrity. I have never known him to lie, ever. sometimes, the truth hurts, but at least I can count on him to tell it.

    He treats his moms (step mom too) with utmost respect. I knew he would do well by me,just watching how he treats them. Also treats Grannie well, too. I love that about him.

    He is SOOOO HANDSOME. Green eyes, dirty blonde hair, brawny build, classic Norske man. Even my friends go vavavoom when they see him. After nearly 18 years together, I can still appreciate his looks!

    His sense of humor is over the top and rather weird, but fun, also. He is never boring.

    He likes to take me out to dinner sometimes. I love that, having a date now and again is important to me.

    He gives KILLER massages. I suffer migraines and premenstrual headaches and SOMETIMES he can help ease the pain of these with a really good shiatzu type massage. I don't even have to ask most times.

    He supports my goals and dreams. He supported my going to nursing school, after getting out of the military after 10 years. That cost us dearly financially, but he was willing to sacrifice for me to realize a dream!

    I have others but I will stop for now. I am getting a bit tired and its time for bed!
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  9. by   WyomingRN
    My DH is absolutely wonderful. I wouldn't trade him for the world. I haven't figured out how I managed to be so lucky to have him fall in love with me.

    He cleans the kitchen, cooks, bakes, washes clothes, and is Mr. Mom when I am working out of town. When I am home we take turns doing the above. Plus he does all the scheduling, invoicing, etc. for the two businesses. He is very good at keeping the computer up and running. He does lots of little things without being asked. I try to return the favor as much as I can. On my days off, I go help him with his business of installing lawn sprinklers. Yes, I will admit that I am spoiled by my DH. Several friends have asked if they could clone him, or if I ever tire of him to make sure that I send him their way.

    He does have some habits that drive me up the wall, but I can over look them because of all the thoughtful things that he does for me and the kids. I am sure that I have habits that drive him up the wall, but he doesn't mention them to me either. We have a wonderful partnership.

    No he isn't available for cloning or loaning out. LOL
  10. by   Tweety
    Don't know what to say as I do all the laundry, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the dogs. He's a bit spoiled like that. LOL

    But there is only one person in the world that knows me completely and adores me anyway.

    When I saw him in his cap and ground coming into a large auditorium I was filled with so much love I tears just flew. I would go to the ends of the earth for him and he for me.

    Nice to know there are some good guys out there eh?
  11. by   dianah
    I know what you mean, Tweety!

    And WyomingRN, you reminded me: one day at work I was describing how dh helped bottle-feed our three orpaned kittens, and how he micro-manages the care of the other members of the zoo, --- and a woman standing nearby looked at me, and in all seriousness, said, "Are you planning on divorcing any time in the future? Because I would love to find a man who loves animals that much and who would do so much for them." Not kidding, she was DEAD serious.
    Loved your post, Smiling! Sounds like a wonderful relationship!
  12. by   delta32
    My dh brings me roses every month, he leaves flowers on my car at work with love notes in them. He takes care of everything. and listens to me. I truley love my dh, he spoils me rotten!
  13. by   phn92
    I really found out how wonderful my dh is when my dad was ill. He dropped everything to be with me and my mom when dad was critical. He was in the middle of harvesting crops, and if you know how farmers are, you know they don't do anything else but farming! He has been so supportative, esp when one of my siblings suddenly turned on me. He put up with all of us when we had to move my parents in with us, when their condo wasn't ready and their house was sold. After almost 16 years of marriage, I can honestly say I've got a good one! He is my one true friend for life!
  14. by   traumaRUs
    We just celebrated our 24th anniversary and there really isn't another guy I would want to be with that long! We take turns doing the 110% - we've been through some very rough times (son's illness, multiple military deployments, deaths of all of our parents, rough teen years with youngest son) and sometimes the only thing we had was humor. For me - that is the best thing - when you can laugh at how truly silly life gets sometimes. (Ps - not to get mushy or anything but I honestly love him so much more now then when we married!)