I'm so flipping mad!! BEWARE!! Not a happy momma!

  1. I've had it. I'm done! Enough!
    It's a sad day when a grown woman wants to beat the crap out of a teenage boy.
    There are some boys on Jacob's bus who've been making fun of him. Jacob was in tears last night. GRRRRRR! I've been here before. Lots of times. I've called principals, teachers and the bus driver. They reprimand the kid and that's that. Jacob has had to deal with ignorance and intolerance for the past two years. Kids on the bus, kids at school.....People in the general public! Some people have no clue. You should see the "Letter to the Editor" I wrote once to my local paper after some idiot made a remark in a letter about "Kids who are too stupid to work getting free doctor appts and SSI." EXCUSE ME???? MY SON GETS NEITHER! I'm so fed up with ignorance and intolerance! Do these idiots think we CHOOSE to have our children hurt??? Don't they know I would give my life for Jacob to have a "normal" life? Never got a reply from this man, even after I pointed out his obvious ignorance regarding disabled people...hmmm, wonder why?

    There are two boys this time. I just found this out last night. One is an 8th grader who has a perfume bottle with water in it and sprays Jacob. The other one makes fun of the way he talks. Jacob told me last night, "I told him I had a brain injury mommy and I can't help it." OMG!!!! SOMEONE HOLD ME BACK!
    Zach (my 6th grader who weighs all of 78 lbs and will fight to the death for his brother) told me that Jacob told the boys to quit whatever they were doing to him and the 10th grader said, "I----did-----n't-----do---any-----thing." F*CKING BRAT! Yes, Jacob talks in somewhat of a monotone, kind of robotic, but these little ***** are old enough to know better than to make fun of a 10 yr old brain injured child.
    Jacob did not ride the bus today. And he won't tomorrow. Today was his birthday, no fricking way was I gonna put him on that bus to be ridiculed. DAMN that pisses me off!
    I have calls in to the school, for whatever good that's gonna do me. This time I want NAMES! I want PARENTS names! I want PHONE NUMBERS! So tomorrow morning I'm going on the bus with my son. I'm hoping the parents will be as mad at their kids as I would be if I found out my boys were doing such a thing. If not, I guess I'll kick some booty!
    You know, sometimes I hate the human race. (I know, wrong profession for that, but right now that's how I feel) Humans can be so damn cruel. It makes me sick.
    Okay, if you made it this far past my language, you deserve a prize. Wanna come help me kick some parent booty?
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    Wow honey. I'm speechless. I know I should probably spout off some crap about being the mature adult and handling this in an appropriate manner, going through the proper channels.....

    But sh*t, I'll come kick some booty with ya! Not so much parent booty though. I think it's high time those kids get picked on by someone bigger than them!

    But I know that's the wrong thing, so I'll step back now and let all of the wonderful people here give you some wonderful advice!

    Hang in there, feel free to PM if you need to vent (although you did a pretty good job here!). BTW - where in Ohio are you?

  4. by   sunnygirl272
    not in ohio, but i'm up for a road trip...someone hold my cell phone and my palm pilot!!!
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    Can I share?
    My 6th grade middle schooler was on the way home from the bus stop when some kid he didn't know started picking on him, and ultimately, pushed him down on the ground and wouldn't let him get back up.
    My kid wouldn't hurt a fly, has NO street smarts, and would be praying for repentance for months if he ever hit another kid, even accidentally.
    I was furious.
    It happened again a couple days later. And a third time.

    I met the bus the next day, made him point the kid out. The kid was going into the deli with some of his friends. I walked up to him and said, "You the kid who tried to beat up my kid?"
    "He was calling me names."
    "That's not true; he doesn't even know you. But I'll tell you what--you're in the 8th grade trying to beat up on a 6th grader, and if you do it again, I'm going to have you arrested. Got that??"
    The kid stopped.
    Maybe it was because I told him the straight-up truth.
    The schools should not be handling this stuff; the police should.
    Call the cops.
  6. by   Sleepyeyes
    hubby: "He needs to learn to handle it like a man."
    me: "You're a man; how would YOU handle it, smarta**?"
    hubby: "I'd kick his butt."
    me: "Bull. You'd TALK about kicking his butt. Then you'd call the cops."
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by sunnygirl272
    not in ohio, but i'm up for a road trip...someone hold my cell phone and my palm pilot!!!
    Just put them in my purse, Sunnygirl - they will all be held.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    UGH this must be "bad day at school" week... I have not had a good time, either.....I feel for you my friend. I really do....PURSUE IT TO THE END!
  9. by   prn nurse
    I would personally make a call on the bully's parents at their home around 9 P.M.... (after dinner).... I'd take my kid with me.

    I would do the talking so there would be none of the other mom interrogating my kid. And the usual consequence of , "your kid is as much at fault as mine."

    Then, as I was leaving, I would say, "ONE more incident and the police will handle these assaults."
  10. by   prn nurse
    And reread the Americans' With Disabitities Act. You've got the law on your side in sooooooooo many ways. !
  11. by   live4today
    (((((((OHmom2boys))))))))))) Just wanted to say I'll be praying for a resolution to the problem your son is having on the school bus. It's very cruel of others to pick on and tease a child simply because he is "different" than them. I think talking to the boys parents might help resolve the issue. They at least should be informed of how their sons are misbehaving on the school bus, and the nasty way they are treating your son. Keep us posted, and let us know if you get to talk to the parents, or exactly what you end up doing to put a stop to that behavior. :kiss
  12. by   Rustyhammer
    I have a couple of kids with black belts I'll loan to you.
  13. by   kittyw
    ****Holding LVRN's purse & sunnygirl's cell phone & PDA ****
  14. by   dawngloves
    I hope I never hear about my kids doing that type of thing. It would piss me off to know my children were intolerant and hateful. Lord, make me a good parent!

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