I'm pouting

  1. Hubby sister asked me and hubby to take granny who is wheel chair bound to family wedding today on last minute notice. OK, it is big job but it my hubby's mom and that is ok. When we got there the mother of the bride looked very taken back. She was told granny was not coming. It was sit down, one of those ones you just can't crash because it is fancy wedding to which everyone has to send in RSVP and meal choice. (To repeat myself here, granny's RSVP was sent in as a NO SHOW). I was sort of caught flatfooted and stammered my confusion. OK, brides family was very gracious and rushed about setting up a special place for extra person who just happened to be wheel chair bound. OK, I asked hubby sister how the misunderstanding occured. She says "yes" she did decline on granny's behalf but the morning of the wedding granny said she wanted to go. Since she is granny of the groom sis thought she was entitled to go even if she had declined earlier. I just stood there turning red then pale with my mouth hanging open. I did tell her and the other sisters I was pretty POed. Well thanks to all for keeping me informed. It is partially my fault because I know my husbands sisters are dingbats and I did not asked enough questions about what was really going on. I know they don't have much in the way of commen sense.
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  3. by   fergus51
    I hope granny got some food anyways? Too bad you don't get to pick your in-laws eh!
  4. by   Zee_RN
    *sigh* Doncha just love family dynamics?! You're a peach, Oramar; I think you handled it wonderfully. How unnerving for you, though. How did granny handle it? Was she aware of the flap that ensued?

    Happy to hear that the bride's family was gracious...some of the worst scenes occur at weddings?! I would like to think that the sister who declined would have made a phone call that morning just to let them know that granny had invoked "grandma-perogative" of changing her mind; but, alas, no.

    Keep your chin up, kiddo; you did great.
  5. by   prmenrs
    You did a good job, Oramar; maybe you can follow up with a heck of a Thank you/explanation note about Granny "changing her mind"? Just a suggestion...
  6. by   oramar
    I am positive granny's short term memory loss prevents her from remembering what was what so that is no problem. What gets me is that we were all together at the wedding, sister in laws could have very easily gone up to mother of the bride and said granny is talking about going to reception now even though she said no earlier. Is it possible we could make a change at this late date? No, dingbats don't think like that do they. Instead, here I go crashing through door into one of the swankiest resturants in town with a suprise guest. They had two no shows so feeding granny was not a problem. That is however cutting it close to say the least. I had no idea that the initial invitation was declined.
  7. by   susanmary
    Oramar -- you did a good thing by bringing granny to the wedding. Even though she was "dumped" on you, be glad that
    you took her. You said everyone was gracious, so just remember that YOU brought granny to her grandson's wedding. Instead of pouting, be grateful that she was able to share this happy occassion with you. Hope you took alot of pictures. Time passes so quickly ....
  8. by   mother/babyRN
    YOU'RE the nurse person so of COURSE you would understand! You did something the family asked of you because you are a good person...Besides, they probably knew if there was a problem, it wouldn't be taken out on them. Don't you just love it....Hugs to you!
  9. by   oramar
    Granny and I have decided we accidentally stumbled on a new scam. We decided the middle aged woman pushing elderly woman in wheel chair party crash works so well that we are going to make a career of it. We may be coming to party near you soon.
  10. by   susanmary
    Oramar -- I agree -- you're on to something. I laughed out loud with your post.....happy trails to you and grandma -- hope you crash some great parties.....
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  11. by   mother/babyRN
    I LOVED that idea too!