I'm going to the Grammy's WOOOHOOO

  1. Hubby got a call this afternoon while I was at CPR ( ) saying we won a trip to New York to see the Grammy's!!!!!!!


    We leave here on Saturday the 22nd and get home on Monday the 24th. We're staying at the Hilton in Times Square. I don't have an itinerary yet; probably be another day or two but I'm trying to figure out what we HAVE to see in New York. The Empire State Building is on the list. Obviously Ground Zero. Probably Rockerfeller Center. We kind of wanted to see a Broadway production, but after seeing the prices I think we'll do other stuff instead! And I didn't see any shows listed that I'm dying to see. Central Park is on the list. The Statue of Liberty is closed for security reasons so we'll just have to see her from a distance.
    I found a reference to a three hour walking tour of Manhattan including Ground Zero and other stuff.........................I just have SO many things I want to do........and SO little time. PLUS we're going to the pre-show reception, the Grammy's, etc etc etc. I'm sure we won't sleep at all.

    OK, you well travelled or New York area All-Nurse members, help me out! Ideas, suggestions, etc. It will probably be a LONG time before we get all the way across the country again (especially for FREE!!! Wooo hoooo)
    I can't settle down and probably won't till we get home!!!
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Wow, anitame--how fun! Who sponsored the contest?

    And the REALLY crucial question: what are you going to wear?
  4. by   Tweety
    AWESOME!!!! I'm so jealous!
  5. by   anitame
    Safeway and the local TV station were running a promotion. Donate some canned food; get an entry. Guess it pays to do a good deed, huh? WooHoo. Sorry. Can't stop saying WooHoo!

    As for what I'm going to wear....... I bought a really cute little black (of course) dress for the hospital Christmas party. Looked pretty good so I figure I'll wear it there. I'm SO glad I got that dress, otherwise I'd be going crazy trying to figure that part out too. My hubby can't figure out if he wants to rent a tux or not. I think he's leaning towards just wearing a nice suit.

    We did have to do a TV interview tonight and shoot a couple of promotional spots. I haven't seen them yet and I'm not sure I want to! LOL! BUT, I figure a little embarrassment is alright; after all I'm going to the Grammy's!!!

  6. by   cwazycwissyRN
    wow, your a celeb on her way to see the stars
    wow what fun, doin ya nails ? hair? traveling , aaaauuu life is grand.. have fun:d
  7. by   CashewLPN
    anitame....well.... lucky you! haha...

    Um, I live out here, NYC all the way! I live in an outer borough, but commute into manhatten q day for school.... so I spend most of my time there...

    ok... first, if youre gonna be up at the hilton.... ok, thats up in midtown... actually, theres one in times square and one near rockerfeller center, which is a trip all in itself......and, youre gonna have the afternoon of the 22nd, the whole of the 23rd, and the morning of the 24th... ok... a really short version of manhattan....
    1) on your first afternoon, I'd walk around the theater district.... and, depending on what time you get in, if its early enough, go to the TKTS counter in times square-- get a great deal on b-way show tix for that evening... if you cant get tix to anything decent, thats ok.. theres still stuff to do...
    -Times square... all the shops are open late... its fun
    -ok... lets say no b-way tix... thats ok....
    you can see (from the south up... its easier for me that way...) Chinatown, Chelsea, So-Ho, Greenwich village/no-ho, Little italy..... in literally a walk.... and, a bus or a train... just wear comfy shoes...there are some awesome jazz clubs, and great restaurants in that area.... my favorite village lunchtime restaurant is a little fish and chips shop on greenwich avenue called 'A salt and battery'... its yummy.... manhattan priced though... oh well... nobody's perfect, but if you go there, dont forget the deep fried mars bar.... sheer delight!
    -the museums.... my fave-- the American Museum of Natural History... 81st street and central park west... (the 1 train will leave you 3 blocks away, and its fun to sightsee the brownstones) aim to get there early... I think it opens 9ish... If you ever read the catcher in the rye... the indians in the boat are still up...and, they have this awesome exhibit on einstein, and the hayden planetarium is great! also... the museum of modern art (MOMA) and the metropolitan museum of modern art.... its just wow... again, the comfortable shoes... and, the Museum of the american indian down in the financial district, they have this amazing exhibit on the ancient natives of mexico... you can see the bull near bowling green park too... and, battery park, and the statue of liberty are within view there too... also, the staten Island ferry... with the orange alert thing on, its the best view of the statue you'll have... its a fun trip

    on the third morning... I'd go to a deli.... a good deli... hop a cab, and go that way... either The Stage Deli or the Second ave deli... their both phenominal... just remember, things ARE bigger there....
    those sandwiches are HUGE

    um, what else... its so much to do, and so little time...
    PM me if you want more info...
  8. by   anitame
    Thanks Barbara!
    This is just the kinda stuff I'm looking for!
    I had forgotten about the TKTS counter; someone was talking about that at work not long ago. I want to gather ideas for restaurants, ahhh.... Just everything. LOL
    I could probably get my husband into one museum; that'll more that likely be his limit.
    The Staten Island ferry will probably be added to our list too. We wanted to see the Letterman show BUT we'll just be there on the weekend; probably couldn't get tickets this late anyway.
    We need to stay for a month to see everything! LOL Too bad we're already shuffling the kids around while we're gone.
    I think we'll just end up gathering a big list and prioritizing what we HAVE to do. We've got a week and a half to figure it out!
  9. by   Mkue
    WOW, lucky you, have fun !
  10. by   renerian
    Lucky you!

  11. by   sunnygirl272
    that is soooooo cool!!!
  12. by   Lausana
    That sounds so fun! Can't wait to hear all the details
  13. by   hapeewendy
    FINALLY I hear of someone winning a contest who actually deserves it !
    haha I'm happy fer ya, jealous as hell , but happy
    take pictures, thats an ORDER! we have to see you in your snazzy sexay black number in new york
    yay! how exciting

    man I never win anything
  14. by   hoolahan
    I am sooooo jealous.

    I have been to NYC twice in my life, even tho I am in NJ. Big city, scares me it does.

    Now I have no idea how to find this place, but I am pretty sure it is near the theatre district, but a restauranmt called Jeckyl and Hydes. I looved it. Quirky theme restaurant, w the be$$t food. They have, and it sounds gross but it isn't, pumkin tortellini that are better than sex!!! I swear it!!! Get in line to get it between 11 or 11:30, or you will never get in if you decide to go.

    Have fun at the grammies, hold up a sign that says allnurses.com, so we can spot you while we watch on TV!! LOL!