I'm getting so stressed!!!

  1. I'm sure many of you have either remodeled a home or built one! We live in an old farmhouse that desperately needs a lot of work! I'm talking electrical, insulation, siding, windows and that is not even touching the kitchen and bathroom. I wanted to add a bathroom/mud room and an attached garage! We found a contractor who has been nice enough to draw up some plans, which I really liked! The PRICE just about sent my husband into orbit! So we cut some stuff down and he is going to give us another estimate. We have been hashing this over and over. The house was a rental before we bought the farm, so everything that was done to it was CHEAP! I know that any time you get into remodeling you can get into real messes! We have even been thinking about building a new house or even modulars. I keep wondering if we would be money ahead to do one of these options. Trying to do the work ourselves in NOT going to work. I can do some things, but my husband is not a carpenter. He's fine in the barn, but not in my house!!!

    Anyone else remodel an old house? Did you build a new one? Any opinions on modulars?? We are just at the talking and planning stage, so any opinions would be helpfu! We also would like to take advantage of the interest rates right now. I have waited almost 16 years to do something with our home and I am so ready to get started!
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  3. by   ?burntout
    we built our first home 3-4 years ago.
    dh and i nearly got divorced while doing so :chuckle

    the decisions....oy....
  4. by   heart queen
    We built a home,ooh boy!

    1. get an extra large script of xanax
    2. sign up for marriage counceling

    just kidding, we were ALWAYS frustrated with some contractor, never each other, we DID take turns playing hard ball with those moron's. In the end we decided it was well worth it...

    keep in mind, I didn't have to LIVE in the building process.. are you staying in the house? If so, plan some stress relief. When we were ticked we could just say.."I'm not going anywhere near that damn house today, It could spontaneously combust for all I care".

    Can't do that during a remodel.

    Enjoy it, and congradulations
  5. by   phn92
    We will be living in the house either way! If we build, it will be near the house where we live now. I mentioned to my husband that we may have to go to his parents to stay for part of the remodel and he looked at me like I was nuts! He said we would live in the garage first!!! :roll
  6. by   elkpark
    My boyfriend and I are doing some remodeling on my ~100 yr old house; nothing fun or pretty, just basic structural stuff to keep the house from falling in on me ... :chuckle He has quite a bit of construction experience and says that remodeling old houses is much harder and more frustrating than new construction ... He's about the most patient person in the world (UNLIKE ME!!!), and even he has been getting v. frustrated and irritable.