I'm bored, bored, bored....

  1. Ugh! I have been up all night, it's my night off and I have done nothing productive. I wasted the whole night web searching or watching TV. Well, I did bake some brownies. I didn't even finish my painting. I need to find a way to make my nights more interesting, less long and boring. After all it is my two nights off. Other people accomphlish something on their days off.

    My family is sleeping, even my dog is asleep. I love the night shift. But I miss being "normal". Having a life besides my work.

    I thought I was use to my odd schedule, now tonight I wonder. My body is, but not my brain, I quess. I still hate it when my day time co-workers say good night at 7 a.m. when I head home from work and when my family says good morning at 5 p.m., when I get up. LOL.

    Someone motivate me...Or something.
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  3. by   MelissaRN
    I've been doing night shift for a year and I hate it when days comes in and says oh you're so lucky you're going home to sleep all day! Yea right! I can only sleep a few hours at a time and walk around like a zombie. On my weekends that I work, I can barely communicate with my family. I don't want anyone near me! I like nights also as I work 3 "12's" and have 4 nights a week off, but I feel like crap most of the time because my family doesn't allow my to get the sleep I need.
  4. by   2ndgenerationnurse
    nights come natural to some of us i guess! and didn't most of us marry morning people?! LOL:chuckle

    i work three nights a week drag thru my first day off, and then try to catch up that night.... but usually what happens is i sleep in too long the next morning and then i don't want to sleep the next night anyway...

    i asked my husband just to pull one night with me.... he wouldn't even try!!! he's out by 10p most nights and i'm up till 2a; we meet at 3p to talk!

    my kids are old enough that they understand, but they don't like my drag thru day! i don't either.

    but two things keep me on nights...

    1.the phones, doctors, call lights, etc. etc. durring report in the morning. hats off to daylight shift for handling 50 things at once!

    2. i would rather stay up until 5a than get up at 5a!
  5. by   HannasMom
    I have adjusted to the silly sleep schedule. I sure am glad I don't have to get up at 5 a.m also. I don't think I want to go back to days now that I'm use to the daytime sleep schedule. I just wish I could figure out what to do with the time I have on my nights off. My husband goes to bed at 11 pm. and my sons are now grown. What do you do on your nights off, when everyone is sleeping. Any fun ideas, productive ideas that doesn't require going out alone at night. I live in a city.
  6. by   Tweety
    I don't have any advice as I venture out to the gym and the 24 hour Walmart. I do laundry and some light cleaning. But mostly read, surf the net and watch movies.
  7. by   2ndgenerationnurse
    i craft, sew, write, blog (try www.blogspot.com ), answer letters, ironing and laundry, check out this site, i just found last week, and chat on it, do graphic projects on my computer (like make cards and scrapbook frames, and cutouts), learn new things from the web, do research on the web, read, scrap book, and of course study my Bible lessons.

    i keep a list of things i need to do but can't until quiet time like doing the bills and balance my checkbook. i put off speacial things i want to do for myself like take a long bath, or read a book cover to cover... when do you ever have that time in the day?

    you could take a web college course or two, or learn how to set up a web site of your own. and i like to research the questions about companies and products that i want to know, i have a gluten free diet for my dtr that i reasearch often. or you could look up medical diagnosese, that you didn't recognize or want to refresh up on, from your practice. you could do commitee type work for your job, community school or charity.

    as you can see i have lots of ideas but it is all up to your taste. do you paint pitures? or were you talking about walls?

    anyway... maybe i'll meet in the chat room some night
  8. by   SURFnNURSE
    I have adjusted to the night shift schedule (if you can call it that) If i just worked a pm shift and dont have to be back that pm, i usually take a 3 hr nap and then get up for the day. If i dont, then i cant fall asleep at night. I like to be somewhat productive during daylight on my days off.
  9. by   HannasMom
    Hi 2ndgeneration!

    We had an interesting first part of this night. The electricity went out around 11 pm. Everyone was up. So we lite some candles and everyone sat in the livingroom. We played with my PC handheld, since it is run on a battery, talked, joked around, listened to the radio, watched the police officer stop a speeding car. Then he must have called for backup. Three police cars for one girl. I heard them tell her to stay in the car. Brave. HUH? LOL. The lights came back on at 1:45 am. Yippee!

    Before the lights went out I was in the process of signing up for a music appreciation class online at the community college. I do want to get my BSN, through a college here that has an LPN to BSN program, so I might as well get some more prereqs done. Thought I would start with something fun and easy. It has been 6 years since I have been in college. The class starts June 21. That should help keep me busy.

    Do you enjoy the night shift? It took awhile to adjust, but I do love it, now. Hope to talk to you soon. I usually don't go onto chat because usually no one is there.
  10. by   2ndgenerationnurse
    i really enjoy night shift... many reasons, but i chose it b/c i wnted to be there when my kids got home from school and be awake until they go to bed. they can't miss me if they are in bed!

    i find people in the chat room this way: open the chat room, be sure your computer sound is on then minimize that window... open your browser again and start surfing like usual... if someone else comes in you will hear a ring... open the chat room up and you can chat!

    i think i will make this a topic of its own... all of us hit the room alone and don't know that there is others who want to chat,too!

    i like power out evenings too!

    how old is hanna? want to e-mail? click on my name...talk to you soon
  11. by   HannasMom
    Well, Hanna is my Pomeranian. She is almost 3 years old. She'll be 3 on June 20th. I have three grown sons. Steve 32, Adam 23 and Matt is my baby, 18 years old...somedays Matt is 30 and somedays he is 12, depending upon his mood. LOL. Matt is my comedian. Adam is my charmer and Steve is my intellectual.

    Sure, I would enjoy communicating via emails. Hope to see you in chat soon. I work tonight. I work four on two off. I really like this schedule.

    Well have to go for now. Take care!
  12. by   moonladye
    hi, I did night shift for 15 years, now have done days for three years. I still have trouble sleeping, and would never do them again. It was like being permanently jet lagged all the time. Fitted in well with the kids etc though.

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  13. by   Angela Mac
    maybe visit the chat room here and see how many other night owls you can befriend.
  14. by   jnette
    Quote from HannasMom
    I have three grown sons. Steve 32, Adam 23 and Matt is my baby, 18 years old...somedays Matt is 30 and somedays he is 12, depending upon his mood. LOL. Matt is my comedian. Adam is my charmer and Steve is my intellectual.
    Kool Hannasmom !

    My son (also Adam) is also 23... and ALSO the charmer !!! He's my only son, though, and then I have my dtr. Jessie, 27.