I'm back!!

  1. I'm back to the boards after being gone for almost a month!! It was hell! I was having issues with my computer that Brian was so great get back on track for me after much whinning and complaining on my part. Thanks Bri!! I reregistered as neonnurse2 but its still the same ol' me. Now I'm trying to catch up with all the topics I missed out on.. boo hoo. But so glad to be back with my cyberbuds! See ya!
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Welcome back neon--take a look at
    "allnurses.com reunion anyone?" topic. I volunteered your home for all of us to stay in for what I hope will be next year's First Annual Las Vegas NurseCon!
  4. by   CEN35
    OMG Neon? a whole month? I am so sorry it didnt seem like it? I just figured you were noy posting much.

    Glad you back!

  5. by   Brian
    No problem Neon!