I'm back!!!!

  1. Hey to everybody,

    Been so busy in the last few months haven't had much time to come here other than the occasional peek now and again. I sure have missed you guys.

    A big hello to all those who know me.........noone ever seems to be in the chat room anymore.........did we get banned lol

    And a big "nice to meet you" to all those who don't know me. Mind you a lot of people who do know me pretend they don't..but THAT'S a whole other thread hehe

    A lot has been happening in my life lately. Today is the day I am handing in my resignation :hatparty: I have finally had enough of high acuity and low staffing and refuse to compromise my professional standard anymore. I will be telling them that too!
    It has broken my heart to see all the good people who I have worked with for years and who are like family get more and more stressed to the point of burn out, including myself. Management need to learn to value their nurses.

    The BIG BIG news is that I have met the absolute love of my life and am moving interstate in Australia to be with him. And get this..we would not have met if it had not been for allnurses.com!!!!! Through chatting and making friendships here we discovered each other. So a huge thankyou to Brian and all you wonderful people.

    I am feeling great as you can probably tell... this is the beginning of a brand new beautiful life and I am so happy.

    Thankyou to all my wonderful friends here and look forward to meeting the new friends I am sure I will make:kiss
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  3. by   shay
    Aus as in chat room 'aus'? ????????????????????????

    Congrats, anyway......

    Hey, will ya answer my thread about your home country???

    Yeah, I'm pimping for responses.......
  4. by   shay
    Heh heh.......simultaneous posting. You were answering my thread when I was posting on yours. So, like, are you the same aus whose kid had a broken foot/leg and was on crutches for a million years???????????????????????????
  5. by   aus nurse
    Yep it's me ..as in aus from the chat room who used to be there 24/7 hehehe

    Hun I have just replied to your thread , didn't need no pimping there...well not for that anyway lol
  6. by   aus nurse
    LOL at the simultaneous postings
    Yep again... it's me "aus" with the son who had the lacerated tendon in his foot and yep was on crutches for zillion years and was LUCKY to actually survive being stuck at home with ME all that time. He owes his thanks to the chat room crew for that..the people who kept me sane!
  7. by   shay
    AUS!!!! Dahlin'!!! You must dish........who IS this new man????? And WHERE in the states are you moving????????????

    I'm dying here.........
  8. by   aus nurse
    Shay my sweetheart...
    I did edit my response coz it did look like I was moving to the states i realised lol...don't think America is ready for the likes of me hehehe I am moving interstate to the city of Brisbane in the state of Queensland. Moving in 3 weeks and I can't wait.

    I met my new man through here really..and all thanks to Mary i might add...my matchmaking guru hehe
    He has posted here a couple of times..he goes under the name of bloke. We met on msn as he is the brother of another member here that Mary and I got to know well through the chat room Kewl hey I just love this bb...thankyou allnurses.com
    Did i mention I lurve this man sooo much.....oh oh don't get me started........hehehehehehe
  9. by   LasVegasRN
    Wow, that is so cool. A love connection made on Allnurses!
  10. by   fedupnurse
    Congrats Aus Nurse! Congrats on the new guy in your life and your move. And also congrats on ditching an unsafe job situation. I too am looking into other options for the same reasons. Good luck with the move and the new job!!!! Imagine if all of us quit for that reason!! There'd be hardly any places left with their own non agency staff!! Hey, maybe we are onto something.....
  11. by   kaycee
    Great news aus, sounds like a match made in heaven. I've been to the chat room too and no ones been there. I was wondering where you were.
    God luck in your move your new mate and a new job when ever you are ready!!
  12. by   Mary Dover
    Speaking of Bloke............hehe
  13. by   aus nurse
    LOL Mary yep indeed speaking of bloke..........

    Hi to you Kaycee, yep I sure do miss the chat room gossip hehe..when I am moved I will have to make some times for us to catch up again and of course go back to just hanging out in there lol (OK OK twist my arm hehe)
    Fedup, yep I am glad to be outta there...5 more shifts to go..and COUNTING......we were discussing that the other day re all resigning at once, we reckon it would only take 6 to do it to make an impact on our small hospital...2 have gone from my unit already and 10 from elsewhere..they really should be getting the message!
    Vegas I too think it is way kewl that my man and I met through this bb...what a wonderful place this is

    Thankyou everyone for the good wishes..I just had to share with you all...I wanna shout it from the rooftops lol
    I AM SO HAPPY!!!!
  14. by   aus nurse
    Oops hadn't mentioned it here..must have been on another thread......if not for my good friend Mary Dover none of this would have happened...she saw the potential between us and ever so delicately just kept reminding me till I finally could see it too lol
    That girl is matchmaker material

    So the hugest thankyou to Mary, I love ya:kiss

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