I'm BACK !!!

  1. Shew !

    Not much time.. got in at 0100 last noc and have a GAZILLION things to do today! Work tomorrow, but off the wekend, so hopefully I can get back to normal around here. Need to get out all the winter clothes this weekend, too. Sheeeesh. :stone

    Well, I'll try to fill you all in hopefully this weekend.. let it suffice to say that poor Mom is a MESS!!!

    Was good to see what lies ahead of me when I take her for "my turn" in Spring for 6 mos. Pati and Roo will certainly need lots of prayers for patience and strength. Ordered the book "The 36 Hour Day" today.. will have to read up on Alzheimers real good before she comes out here.

    Anyway... I also pampered myself and got a new "do" while I was out there.
    Wanna see?

    And here's a pic of Adam, dd Jess, and me entering Busch Gardens last week before he deployed:

    DD Jess in front of the German Shop snd with the huge Hummel figurine:

    And me in the Candy Store (of course!)

    Then the heartwrenching departure:

    And no, he's NOT simply going to the Mediterranean as first suggested, but to the Persian Gulf, of course. :stone *groan*

    Anyway... glad to be back, and I'll try to get back this weekend and post some awesome deployment pics. And a few of our time in AZ.

    Catch you all later!

    Hope everyone has been behaving!
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  3. by   suzy253
    Netters!!!! Hooray!!! We've all been here waiting for you. Love the piccys. Love your new do....very sophisticated, ya know???
  4. by   Katnip
    Jnette, welcome home.

    The pics are great. You're a beautiful woman.

  5. by   sirI
    'Bout time you got home. Love the hair!! Great pics.

    I can imagine what you are feeling regarding your mom. And, I know you will be well-versed on the subject before she arrives, too. Bless you hon. Glad you are home.
  6. by   jnette
    Quote from suzy253
    Netters!!!! Hooray!!! We've all been here waiting for you. Love the piccys. Love your new do....very sophisticated, ya know???
    Awww, thanx for the welcome home, Suzy ! :icon_hug:

    So here's a few deployment pics ...

    Adam and me on the flight deck:

    Adam's top "rack" : (no bigger than a shelf in a closet)

    Adam running to "man the rails": (he's the second from Left)

    Waving goodbye as the ship blasts "America the Beautiful" and "God Bless the USA" from the loudspeakers as they slowly make their way out..

    The TUG does its job:


    I will try to post a few photos of Mom later on, too.

    At least we DID get some very important things accomplished out there, such as seeing her atty, taking care of durable health POA, living will, regualr POA so Pati can take care of her finances, etc., deed and title transfers, etc., etc., etc. Transferred all her bank accounts and safety deposit box to Tucson, and all that. So we are prepared. She still has no idea she won't be going back to Phoenix to live by herself. But half the time she thinks she's still in Vienna, etc. Told the doc her parent's are still living... you know the deal. So sad.
  7. by   jnette
    OK. Here's Mom asleep at her kitchen table while we were up in Sun City West at her house a few days:

    And asleep again (heh) as Pati rolls her hair:

    Here's Mutti playing a child's puzzle piecer at Pati and Roo's:

    And I absolutely LOVE this one.. Mutti at the pool in SCW :

    Pati and Mom as they were leaving the pool.
    (Now using a walker.. another first!)

    I took this shot of a portion of Pati and Roo's front porch.. I love it.

    And her Gerber Daisey :

    Well that will have to be it for today, guys. I really need to get some things done. Have to repack my car with all my HH supplies, wash some clothes, take care of some bills, and slowly start unpacking. Glad I have the weekend off.

    Love you all ! :kiss
    Hope all are doing well. I've missed you !
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Thanks jnette - love the photos!

  9. by   CHATSDALE
    bless you , you have so much on your plate right now - this is what the call the sandwich gereration...with parents and children
  10. by   DDRN4me
    (((((jnette))))) welcome back..sounds like the time with your mom was bittersweet ..know that we are all here for you when you need us!!!:icon_hug:
  11. by   dianah
    So glad you're back safely, what an emotional roller coaster ride, not to mention a lot of traveling! When will you hear from Adam?

    Great piccys, thanks for sharing them with us.
  12. by   Tweety
    Such lovely photos Jnette!!

    I guess it's too late to teach Adam how to smile in pictures eh?
  13. by   jnette
    Quote from Tweety
    Such lovely photos Jnette!!

    I guess it's too late to teach Adam how to smile in pictures eh?
    Heh... Tweety, there's a reason for that. His "grown-up" teeth never did grow much bigger than his baby teeth.. they are really small, and he HATES it! So when he smiles, he has this little sheepish "five-year-old" smile, instead of a nice "man's smile". So he really makes a point of not smiling in his pictures anymore. Little dummy, his smile is so cute. But he doesn't want to be "CUTE", know what I mean?

    Thanx, Dianah and DDRN., Steph, and Chats, Siri, Kat and all others...

    Yes, emotional rollercoaster indeed. I already ordered the "36 hour day" from Amazon. Pati and Roo bought theirs in town today. So much to learn.So heartbreaking, and frustrating, and so very difficult all at the same time. Need to learn how to handle each new situation as it arises. We have our work cut out for us, to be sure.

    Adam emails me from ship when he can. He's doing ok. It's going to be a LONG seven months for him and ALL the sailors. They have to work 7 days a week the entire 7 mos. NO days off... nada. That's not right. :stone
    And his one thrill of getting to port in Croatia which he fell in love with after High School is now gone as well. They'll port in Cypress and Naples, but the majority of the time will be spent in the war zone regions. Double .

    OK.. going to bed now. Off to work in the morning.. light day, should be fine.

    I'm all unpacked, and everything is back where it belongs. Yay.

    Catch you all tomorrow maybe. Hugs all around ! :icon_hug:
  14. by   donsterRN
    I am so glad you're back, and thanks so much for the pics... they're wonderful. And I know you still have so much going on, but I'm glad you were able to accomplish what you did. Please keep us advised as to what's happening, and if we can do anything for you. You know, if you ever need the break, we're just a days drive from you...

    Higs to you, my friend. :icon_hug: